Category: The Fear Of

Lyfe’s Struggle

Brutha is guilty.  He shuts people out not realizing that he is actually closing the door on himself, mashing the fingers of love. It’s your struggle, own it.  Embrace your destiny; the inner purpose of your life that can be discovered and realized. I’d rather fail at what I love until I get it right.

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I’ll Take The Ugly Chick

I’ll Take The Ugly Chick For the past 13 years Brutha has been working his butt off and had little to show for it. He started to dive himself into his work and made the decision to change his lackadaisical tendencies and focus on what’s most important which is happiness. Some have given praises calling

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Strange Fruit

The American Pit Bull; a man made bred which is aggressive by nature, a Frankenstein of dogs and most feared within the dog kingdom. The African American, a Frankenstein of a people; a bred crafted by an absent spirit, aggressive by nature, feared by many and considered to be a permanent underclass of its society.

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