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No Mistakes

There are no mistakes, only experiences… Food for thought, grab a plate. Then relate Harlem, Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

Hidden Colors: While Eating Shrimp

There’s a direct relationship between going to prison, owning businesses, and corporations. Knowing the difference when calling it scrimp while eating shrimp, is priceless.    Build your castle one floor at a time.  1st Floor: Businesses & Industries = Economics There’s a direct relationship between having a business and being in prison. Go and find 7-8 Asians

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Young man being married is overrated. Don’t be fooled and save yourself the trouble of finding out the hard way. Stay single for as long as possible and keep your money in your pocket. Save, invest, put it in an IRA and 401K account but don’t you ever put your money in the hands of

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Fo Da Ladies…  Don’t forget to click or cut & paste into your web browser to receive your intermission treat.   I will admit I’ve been holding out.   Follow me on twitter @harlematltibbs  & check out Enter Harlem’s Corner at Tumblr ( The Pinterest site is under construction.) where you will find Harlem’s Heavy Hitters, Harlem

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Leaders & Leadership

African Americans unfortunately and tragically have more leaders and less leadership than any people in the African world. A lot of the people who are pretending leadership are charlatans and pretenders. Yet among them have emerged some very able men worthy of the mantle of leadership and because of the pretenders they’ve gotten less attention

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Jimmy Jam

Years ago when I worked for New York City Department of Corrections as a Dietary Aide I had the pleasure to meet a man name James aka Jimmy Jam. James, a cooks helper worked from can’t see morning to can’t see night. Overtime was Jimmy’s girlfriend. We worked the 3am – 12pm shift at the

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Why Some Men Lie

Why Some Men Lie Some situations are not meant for us to change. Some situations are meant to change us (For the better). As we grow together, often we grow apart (The positive vs. negative effect the basic laws of physics).  We all are strangers from the start living in a microwave society. Many people

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Creating Your Own Nest

A true bachelor has his own. He puts God first and he has knowledge of self. He is well read, well traveled, and he has his own means of transportation, he makes his own money, he has his own bank account and he does not have to lie to a woman about dating others.  With

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Fat Boy

One morning I was in the bathroom and had gotten out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror. My 5’ 9” & 210lbs frame was truly becoming not a sexy look and in fact becoming a health risk. On the real, I didn’t like what I was looking at and knew a

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