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Stand For Something

The Only Way To Get That Gorilla Off Your Back Is To Stand, Upright. When the light is turned on there’s no turning off that light. One may try to ignore that little voice inside but that light and that voice will only burn brighter and speak louder to you each and every time you attempt

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Ferguson: Michael Brown, Civil Unrest & Change

CNN televised the fiery passionate expression of a people in great despair. Poor people, angry, disenfranchised citizens of Missouri, Ferguson living and witnessing the American experiment. It was a day of shame that imbrue the fabric of our national conscious.  This greasy spot will be forever burned on the entire nations memory.  Malcolm X, my

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Lost Then Found

Family… There’s nothing in the world that can replace your love ones. Cherish this gift for it’s merely on loan to you.  Realize the greatness and all that you have before it’s gone for good. Let’s call it “sweat equity”, time spent together. Grandpa holding his little girl reminded me of all the years that were missed. When

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