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The Majors & The Ostrich

Everybody has the unthinkable happen to them throughout the course of their lives. Whether it be an outlook on life, children or adults who experience some sort of violation opposed on them against their will such as a sex act, finding themselves homeless or going without food and being hungry.  One can order a deal of a meal when at their

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DSD Podcast Radio: Real Talk, Real People On Real Issues

  Real Talk On Real Issues – Be Heard  Dial In: 657-383-0995 Every Sunday DSD 14 Real Talk, Real People on Real DSD Podcast. Keeping it Real & Dirty – Kick it with Scout Smith, Christy Harvey, HarlemATL Show Topic: “It’s The Economy, Stupid.” On Down South Dirty Podcast. (Archived) 11/14/14 – Sunday @ 1:30pm

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