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There’s never a wrong time for the right person. Asszilla Her dream was to have a wife and a husband. Since society isn’t ready for that kind of shyt she settled with just having a husband and a best friend, on the side. Brutha licked his lips and extended his olive branch to her then placed his order

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I’ll Take The Ugly Chick

I’ll Take The Ugly Chick For the past 13 years Brutha has been working his butt off and had little to show for it. He started to dive himself into his work and made the decision to change his lackadaisical tendencies and focus on what’s most important which is happiness. Some have given praises calling

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Driving Mz Hazel

After Mz. Hazel left Brutha couldn’t get her out of his mind. He wanted to send for her return. I want to take off her clothes, place her on the bed and go low, lick her entire body real slow, and taste all of her sweetness. Driving Mz Hazel When she met him she was

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