• The Concept of The Construct

    How it’s so important to understand and see the concept of the construct. – The Concept of The Construct – The meaning of the first three letters of the word, “Concept” is very important to understand. The “con” is a particular belief or belief system. It is used primarily to persuade a particular outlook. – To build, to… Continue Reading

  • An Echo From The Pass

     It’s the shot that was heard around the world. History serves as our greatest and most valuable resource known to man. An echo from the past that speaks to the present and a ghostly reminder which can haunt our future. – Who can imagine one incapable to spell, read or write in this day and time? What… Continue Reading

  • No Need To Look Away

    (The scene fades in on a mans smile) No need to look away. Those multiple gestures are so confusing. I just won’t bother you today. Is it or could it be an energy thing? Maybe you’re nervous or scared of rejection. Wait let me guess. You’re shy. Keep in mind deception works both ways. No… Continue Reading

  • Bittersweet & Sour

    When the sun shines at night and the electricity of life is felt. Every now and again the sun will make an appearance.   Bittersweet & Sour ******* The turtle is hard on the outside but soft and tender on the inside. The turtle is willing to stick it’s neck out. – A prophet is… Continue Reading

  • Voices of Monsters Under My Bed

    Of all the things I could have been but came up short. So many shattered dreams ultimately became my fault. No time to dream. Things aren’t what it seem. My shortcut mentality only registered short term results. Maybe one day I’d find the courage to plan better instead of dwelling on what should have been… Continue Reading

  • Katt Leya: El Reina

    Hurricane Matthew brought the thunder, ice and rain. – The wind blew hard banging against Katalina’s window pane. – Katt Leya: El Reina  – Up upon a pink perch behind a velvet rope sits a beautiful free flower. – Nothing is more precious than a Sterling Silver Rose forever glowing, shining, and untouched by the… Continue Reading

  • Invisible Scars

    The damp and frigid elicit emotional response which envokes anger then remorse. – Things aren’t always what it seems. – Happy endings often happen, in dreams. – Invisible Scars – No life No kids No wife No girl to Share his world – Sad as can be… – The anticipation of life No family Only tragedy… Continue Reading