• Half In The Bag

    He was already half in the bag when I tripped over him laying, spreaded out across the kitchen floor with a bottle of Brass Monkey wrapped in a brown paper bag sticking out his back pocket of his favorite faded blue jeans. (Come to think about it he only owned one pair). He was mumbling… Continue Reading

  • Shame & Remorse

    The memories of a shameless lost that left a black eye and the remorseful pain that was felt is all I have which allow me to look back, discover the growth and remember a time I cherished the most. Sometimes, playing it smart may be the end of a new beginning before it starts.  – Shame &… Continue Reading

  • A Recipe For Failure

    When our poor choices has us playing the victim instead of reflecting and making a change. – A Recipe For Failure – Harlan’s golden hair blew in the air. He lived against the grain and didn’t abide by any man rules but his own. His smile was soft and angelic. He had a sexy smooth swag about… Continue Reading

  • The Choice Is Yours

    I’ve left an open letter taped upon your door. I’m praying it finds you in good spirits, not thrown away onto the floor and ignored.  – The Choice Is Yours – So, you’re grown now and nobody can tell you what to do. People can only suggest. You’re sweet like the scent of morning rain. People complement… Continue Reading

  • Friends Who Hold Us Back

    Sometimes, maybe more than often many of our friends have nothing going for themselves and they tend to hold us back. Please keep in mind, you have the power to save your own life. Choose wisely. Life begins when one steps outside of their comfort zone. In this case, there’s no need to be a… Continue Reading

  • Cockeyed Junior

    His name was cockeyed Junior. He lived in Nebraska out in the woods on a farm where things didn’t grow. The animals were frighten by him, even the pigs. He had this absurd crazy off-centered and drunken look about himself. He chewed on a stick of straw all day and all night like a horse until… Continue Reading

  • An Impressive Gathering & Collection

    An Impressive Gathering & Collection – Police and military’s impressive presences. A beautiful array of flowers. No one’s collection is greater. One splendid display of unity. People from all walks of life participated. Liturgy forms of ritual ceremonial services. You would marvel at the powerful priceless sight of its magnificence. – Harlem, Heaven is at the… Continue Reading