A Harlem Point Of View

The person that shows you how to keep money in your pocket is a keeper.  You must look at them and treat them differently.

mud pie.jpgToday’s Menu Special

Welcome to A Harlem Point Of View where short stories are our specialty. Our Random Thoughts menu will consist and begin with the main course of erotic pleasures accompanied with truth and fantasy mixed vegetables. As an acquired taste our entrées offer a Point of View as fruit for thought.

The Inner City Blues appetizers we share with you are imported directly from New York and Atlanta but can be also found in a local neighborhood by you. For refreshment we serve a limited supply of sweet water to tickle and sooth your throat. One may find a bowl of assorted nuts ranging emotions from disgust, anger, revenge, humorous, sensual, passionate, freaky and sadness all rolled up onto one platter.

We also offer jaw-dropping excerpts that you may find well done. We like to thank you in advance for your choice of reading venue. Hey, we all know that life’s an education so grab a plate, get your grub on and enjoy.

HarlemATLA Harlem Point Of View

The Skinny

Being successful is beautiful but it’s really not important to me. Being significant is what captures my attention and interest. Making a difference matters, being impactful and to leave an impression will always be our main goal. This blog is mainly for entertainment & enlightenment; simply, random thoughts that invoke conversation. In short, these topics may push one to the edge.

 I’m a divorcee, loving father, cook, chess player, concierge, passionate public servant, basketball coach, Executive Assistant, Final Cut Pro & Avid tape editor who stumbled into the music business working for a well-known entertainment cable company for 11 years. 5 years in the music department and 6 years in the news department. The experience was life changing and it made me want to project a voice and create a platform to influence and convey a particular point of view. To simply deliver and revolutionize digital media programming and change the way the world view people of colour and how Black people view themselves.

A Harlem Point Of ViewA Harlem Point Of View

Harlem Heavy HittersA Harlem Point Of View

Welcome to my corner of the world. I pray each and every person receives my random thoughts in good spirit. I encourage feed back for continued growth. All comments are welcome. Thanking you in advance, for your time.

Harlem Cafe A Harlem Point Of View

The Brand Philosophy:

The Harlem Experiment is a project and a study of human desires. Harlem Café & Inner City Blues is a writers creative environment. Harlem Swag: The Lifestyle, is a way of life. We are Harlem strong based in Atlanta uniting families across the globe. We don’t fold. We boldly progress.

We are powerful, forward thinking and nation building stepping outside of our comfort zone to embrace others through love, respect and empowerment leaving no woman, no man and no child behind. This is What We Do. This is Who We Are.  I am HarlemATL The Movement.




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

3 thoughts

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  2. Simply, are you guys from Harlem, USA, relocating in the Atlanta area, and if not, why
    did you chose this Harlem for your focal point?


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