Bittersweet & Sour

When the sun shines at night and the electricity of life is felt. Every now and again the sun will make an appearance.

 Bittersweet & Sour Bittersweet & Sour

The turtle is hard on the outside but soft and tender on the inside. The turtle is willing to stick it’s neck out.

A prophet is capable and comfortable; one who stands outside of the system and hold it accountable. 

Substance verses the lack of substance is the issue. Just as poor information equates to poor power. Some people not only suffer from having poor information we also suffer with having a poor sense of power.

The cancer in human beings (people) is the same as the cancer within a nation. After you keep ignoring the infection and ignoring the cancer it then get to a point beyond saving.

Walk with me…

Anytime a people accept injustice they become injustice. Anytime you peacefully coexist with filth you too become filthy. You just can’t put on clean clothes and not wash your tail. The pungent stench will be overwhelming from our body and it will then overrule and standout, loudly.

You just can’t live in an outhouse and think you won’t smell like shit. It simply doesn’t work like that.

Bittersweet & SourBittersweet & Sour

When you have to pay to play. How funny and strange it is when things change over money. Sooner or later the reality of it all smacks you in the face. If you don’t pay she’s gonna leave. The economics of intimacy.

The bitter sweet and sour feeling of being single and in control, then calling it a recipe. Discovering the reality of loneliness being a sad love affair becomes an overstatement.

When living the highlife becomes a way of life becomes an incredible yet foolish approach of dealing with reality.

The dark compilation of suicide and the overwhelming pressure of being valued.

Being at peace with yourself and living in the present.

How difficult it is to look sunshine directly in the eye.

When the pain is too great to look upon a beautiful women.

How a still picture restores hope as the healing process begins, during the waiting period of the return of love and the numbness to end.

Prioritizing fiction and nonfiction characters…

These are some of the things we do when suffering from depression.

The hovering of people who don’t have your best interest Watching everything you do and wait for you to fail.

I know how you feel.



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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