Katt Leya: El Reina

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Hurricane Matthew brought the thunder, ice and rain.

The wind blew hard banging against Katalina’s window pane.

Katalina's Ball Of YarnKatt Leya: El Reina

Up upon a pink perch behind a velvet rope sits a beautiful free flower.

Nothing is more precious than a Sterling Silver Rose forever glowing, shining,

and untouched by the weather.

Inside, Katalina the magnificent is safe and warm from the tremendous storm.

Katalina's Ball of Yarn Katt Leya: El Reina

As if her hand were caught inside a cookie jar.

Katt has this way of pouring on her charm with that baby girl, school girl look that works each and every time.
Her facial expressions unfold an entire story later to be told.

Was Katt caught doing something she shouldn’t
have been doing?

It’s her spectacular glow that headlines the show for the world to view and for only a rare few will ever get to know.

She’s best not to be described but for others to discover and witness for themselves as this dream of woman is slowly unwrapped and uncovered.

Katalina's Ball of Yarn Katt Leya: El Reina

Sit back, click or lightly tap, then watch her dip her lip gloss magical stick, dab it, then slowly apply it with a single swipe.

It’s the much anticipated, the most exciting part and the start of her all rights reserved, patent mastered lip gloss show of a performance, just before Katt begins to play with her erotic ball of yarn.

Katalina's Ball of YarnKatt Leya: El Reina

What foolish fool of a boy without the proper respect, knowledge, and insight would allow such a delicate delight slip through his fingers? 

What child of a bum make the excuse and fail to consider her love and abuse it?

A lesson learned to all for not being careful enough to avoid such heartache.

One too many spoken and broken promises to ignore.

The argument that led to the breakup.

The hole in the wall was telling.

His bullshit and uncharming ghetto flattery centered around sex, had been revealed and discovered.

Katalina: El Jefe's DenKatt Leya: El Reina

Look at her again.

What type of a cockeyed, mentally disturbed,

absurd fool with a matching drool, be so clumsy and cause such a dribble of a turnover?

Trust is earned.

It’s not easily achieved. Like lies they deceive.

Katt is someone to write home about, show off to your friends, make your wife and to sing about.

This adorable symbol of hope is exactly what sore eyes are meant to see at night. Katt is the shine that bring about daylight.

Right here, is why love songs are written and the reason some men go to war for.

Never ignore such a heavenly beauty. 

Say her name, “Katalina”. Now say, “El Reina Katt Leya”.

Look at her glow thou.

An original, beautiful snow globe.

Katalina's Ball of Yarn Katt Leya: El Reina

God is good. Don’t you believe?

The signs are very clear, not hard to achieve.

This would be a great night for Katt to clean out that cluttered closet and phone list of dogs that snarl, bark and bite along with the fake people and so-called friends wasting her precious, Katt-time.

Praying to see them, never; honestly and truthfully speaking.

One, too many tricks truly doesn’t mix.

Casa de Katalina: El Jefe's DenKatt Leya: El Reina

Katalina’s birthday has come and is now gone.

No looking back, it’s the perfect time to

clean out the old and prepare to receive the new.

The best should never settle for less.

Like a kitten grows into a full grown Katt. Baby girl knows her worth and facts are facts. Queen Katalina should definitely get all that she deserve.

Treat her right and step through the gates of heaven.

Slide down that slippery slope…

Beware of the scorpion’s venomous sting should you dare to ever mistreat “The Queen”.

You will not recover from the grips of her wrath.

Remain on her good side and live to see another day.

El Reina don’t play games.

Play yourself if you may.

Katalina: El Feffe's DenKatt Leya: El Reina

Red rose petals craftily placed across her bed.

A spark ignites the flame to light a scented candle.

The aroma of White Linen fills the room, as the flowers bloom.

12 dozen long stem roses depict the setting and the mood.

Flowers on her bed

Katt hair all
In my head
El Jefa kisses
So sweetly
It must taste
Like Hershey’s

Passionately and deeply
A Victoria’s Secret
Mo’ cake to pro create
Then baked all
Blessed for all of heaven’s sake

Katalina: El Feffe's Den Katt Leya: El Reina

Princess Zelda
Snow White
One Dwarf
One long sword
Wisdom from the north
Queen of the south
My sleeping beauty
A Harlem Knights duty
Only for yours truly

One student body to worship…

My Disney Princess
The goal
Would be to
Inhale her soul
From where no man has gone before
Leaving a Damsel
Haplessly in

Katalina: El Feffe's DenKatt Leya: El Reina

My Six Flags
Of hope and inspiration
A delicious
Visual and physical
Great Adventure

Better than any
Amusement Park
More exhilarating
Than any
Cyclone ride Coney Island
Can deliver
Her body and smile
Makes me intensely quiver
Goose bumps rise
On impulse inviolable
Uncontrollable humanist shiver

Katalina: El Feffe's DenKatt Leya: El Reina

How dangerous and hypnotizing is this figure?

Katt Leya’s entire body should have yellow and black caution tape wrapped around her insane propane frame.

Her delicious bowl of Edible Arrangements, and her beautiful

Full Moon as a background is something to crave, slave and die for.

Katalina: El Jefe's DenKatt Leya: El Reina

One small step
For a lonely man
Towards a new life
One giant leap
For others to
Possibly figure out & to understand

My online
Sweetie breathes
New life in me
These eyes never
Before viewed with
Such complete clarity and mystery

Until now…

Katalina: El Jefe's DenKatt Leya: El Reina

Katalina, the magnificent

The merciful

And the beneficent

Queen Katt

El Jefa

Queen of the south.

Juicy, delicious, Jaw dropping succulent lips

Beautiful mouth

An exciting visual expression, so exquisite.

Katalina: El Jefe's DenKatt Leya: El Reina

Katalina stares into the camera directly into my eyes
I can see her hand
Movin’ up and down her thighs
Dress tightly around her lovely waist
Light makeup on her face
Glowing from excitement
Her lips anticipate

Private eyes watch her every move
As she sets the tone and mood
Slow dancin’ across the floor
Lord knows, I desire more
I’m feelin’ her slow groove
Diggin’ her every move
Tantalizing forbidden thoughts
Hypnotizing poetic thoughts

Strap on that Katt Nip Ohimbod.

Makin’ dat Katt Purr fo meh.

Lick dem lips, please

Let me see your, Face…

Bite down on that bottom lip.

Hunched ova her hot pink chair

Gripping the back of her seat tightly.

Knees open then close repeatedly

Evokes her earth shattering

Kattquake vibrating shake

Just before she releases

No tap out, no time out, no glass of water.

Give me what I want.

Don’t turn away

Don’t hold back.

Look at meh.

Let me see those desirable

Facial Expressions.

Katalina: El Jefe's DenKatt Leya: El Reina

That fresh Katt Glow steals the show.

People think she works at the local Mac store, for sure.

El Reina full lips are mesmerizing
Tantalizing when wet
Soft, succulent kissing pillows of utopia

Heart racing leading to pure ecstasy
A 4K, 5D flat screen, visual fantasy of every angle.

Katt Leya: El ReinaKatt Leya: El Reina

She’s my flame and my wick
One whom I choose to be seen with
So beautiful to me
She’s one who
Make a blind man see
I would travel through a
Forest and across the sea
Katt is truly all I need

Katalina: El Jefe's DenKatt Leya: El Reina

Her smile make other people smile even when they don’t want to.

Lately her affection, attention and love has been holding me together.

I wish I could do better, for her.

She deserves the best of this world has to offer.

An explosive Dominican bombshell and trendsetter.

With makeup or without Katt’s breath taking just the same.

When she throws on

That silk flower skirt

With that Katt look in her eyes

I desire to pull her close caressing

Her waist with my left hand

Gripping her thigh with my right

imageKatt Leya: El Reina

A crystal clear diamond. A precious stone the world has ever known, which is rare. Someone you don’t meet twice. A once in a lifetime type of a woman. The one, that you must treat right.

Nowhere on the earth or even in this lifetime will a man ever find a girl that is worth the world of treasure found in Reina Katalina. 

It’s all about the magic she make. So whatever it takes I just want to make sure I’m good to her.

Casa de Katalina: El Jefe's DenKatt Leya: El Reina

Baby Phat fine, precious wings belong to an angel.

Butterfly caramel pecan star

designed to make the sweetest

butterfly caramel pecan bars.

Katt leaves you with your mouth open, panting wanting more. She’ll pull out every trick in the book to get you hooked and running out to the department store.

This woman is determined to make you never forget her

Katt Leya: El ReinaKatt Leya: El Reina

Katalina: A Katt Snack Casa de Katalina: Katt Snack

The ooh and ahh of delicious food.

Katt’s blissful taste for Lobster rolls,
Thai Donuts and a jalapeño drink
Leaves enough room to dream about.

Pondering the cream rolling down the left side of her lip is, priceless.

Katalina: Katt SnackCasa de Katalina: Katt Snack

Homemade fried plantains.

Eggs and cheese omelet.

Yummy to Katt’s tummy.

Katalina: Katt SnackCasa de Katalina: Katt Snack

Fried Oreo’s on da side.

Katalina: Katt SnackCasa de Katalina: Katt Snack

Slide Katt a tall plastic cup of auga for backup to sooth her throat.

Katalina: Katt SnackCasa de Katalina: Katt Snack

Ice cold “Cool Blue” Gatorade on standby in the refrigerator.

The lights flicker then the power goes out.

Katalina: El Jefe's DenKatt Leya: El Reina

A fun-loving slippery slope of hope when wet.

Like rain drops on a flower
I’ll blow her body dry
Driving Jeffe crazy
Hour by every hour

When the glow from her smile
Touches your skin
Don’t rub it
You should just
Let it soak in

God will make sure

You’d never forget

But cherish it

Katalina: El Jefe's DenKatt Leya: El Reina

Check out that
Katt Woman stance
Imagine her doing that
Katt Woman dance

Blue Blazin’ Bikini Bottom
Strutting her stuff
In dem red bangin’ bottoms
Sportin’ that tuff, runway
Katt like, mastered phuck walk

Casa de Katalina: El Jefe's DenKatt Leya: El Reina

Icy White unforgettable ridiculously
awesome body and face. Impossible to replace.
A once in a lifetime rare find who definitely blows my mind

The temperature from the heat of her
explosive smile warms the center of my
heart with an explosion of life filling

Casa de Katalina: El Jefe's DenKatt Leya: El Reina

When she slides off those netted
stockings, surely but very slowly with that
look in her eyes. She unlocks an
inner craving of a destiny I’ve
yet to behold. Suddenly a new
beginning unfolds.

This is truly a vision.

Casa de Katalina: El Jefe's DenKatt Leya: El Reina

She’s the flicker before the flame.
Her Devine Spark; a living current
actively patience, actively waiting.
Her insight and knowledge is the fire
that warms us.

Katt Leya: El ReinaKatt Leya: El Reina

Just in case you didn’t already know

It’s the stunning, flat six pack, abs show

Haters gonna hate, lie and duplicate instead of relate.

Hard work pays off just the same

please try and have a pleasant day.

Katt Leya: El ReinaKatt Leya: El Reina

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Katt Leya: El Reina

Katt Leya: El ReinaKatt Leya: El Reina

Fallout or Ballout but do close your mouth
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