Invisible Scars


The damp and frigid elicit emotional response which invokes anger then remorse.

Things aren’t always what it seems.

Happy endings often happen, in dreams.

Invisible Scars

Invisible Scars

No life

No kids
No wife
No girl to
Share his world

Sad as can be…

The anticipation of life

No family
Only tragedy
Celebrating holidays
Eating treats
No longer
Matter to me

The hand that was dealt
No pity party
No sympathy
No crying
No shame
Just understanding
Life’s not game

The distance and unpleasant

Aromatic scent of death

Cold as winter
Skin white as snow
Dark black heavy bags
Form a sinners halo

Bitter “Jack Frost” painted
Upon his nose
Undiscovered for weeks
Dotted red circles
Surrounded her cheeks

God rest their souls

Visible & Invisible Scars
Later discovered

As the meek walk blindly in the street.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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