From a Distance

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How important it is to be exposed and raised in a loving environment as a child.

From a Distance

From a Distance

The cold darkness and damp depth of the vast sea created hopelessness and doubt.

The waves made it difficult to see beyond her horizon.

The distant glow from a lighthouse was a sign of a particular point of direction used by God herself.

Sometimes during the storm its part of the process to be humiliated, kicked, beaten and to suffer in order to best serve others in our mighty walk during our watch.

Having the courage to stand the course is key.

I’ve learned to be righteous in the battlefield of life oppose to being right.

I’ve learned how to be patient through the power of prayer while remaining still.

I find myself praying to better understand than to be understood.

I pray to learn how to love than to be loved.

I also pray to clearly see the binary code of the entire world and to overstand the word of God and her message.

The ultimate goal is to be used through the eyes of God as an instrument and breathing testament.

To confront my enemies by first conquering the beast within and to hold pharaoh accountable. 

To display a form of humility when in the presence of our youth should always be a constant.

I understand the turtle’s philosophy, hard on the outside, soft on the inside and willing to stick its neck out.

The spiritual sandwich of life I draw from is based on love and encouragement which is the bread placed on top.

The hard lessons of life and the corrections learned forms the meat that I devour.

Carefully placed under the meat is another layer of bread of Love and encouragement.

There’s no price tag that can be stamped on such a sandwich which is more filling and full of much needed nourishment.

Seeing the lighthouse glow from a distance is, priceless.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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