Katt Leya: More Than I Can Handle

At night when it was quite, during the presence of the daughter of the moon I let it be known.

My desire for a particular interest of love was cast out into the universe for its return in abundance. 

It bubbled then germinated and answered my call.

Katt Leya: More Than I Can Handle Katt Leya: More Than I Can Handle

Like a ghost she suddenly appeared from nowhere coming out of thin air, beginning with a picture, now known as still beauty.

When you’re as beautiful as this women knowing she can choose to be with any man she wish to be and sees. Yet, she chose me.

The blurred vision of her made me blink. Was I dreaming?  Was this real? I didn’t have time to think.

Katt Leya: More Than I Can HandleKatt Leya: More Than I Can Handle

The laws of attraction run deep. I ponder about her constantly when I’m awake and as I sleep. I’m ready, willing and able. 

The universe doesn’t give me more than I can handle. We’re not sleeping with each other but it sure feels like we are.

The ice beneath my feet can be heard cracking around me. I’m all in for the swim with weak knees that are bent.

She’s my greatest most singular sweet seduction, a spectacular event. What she does for a living doesn’t taint my vision.

Katt’s a rare sighting like the star shining in broad daylight. My Mary Magdalen princess of the night.

For some reason I feel I’ve been here before. The thought of her can’t be ignored. My heart’s pounding, racing, I desire more.

Beautiful Spanish Lipizzaner stallion awaits her knight. Better than any great adventure ride. Born to be a bride.

I desire her all for my self-centered selfish self. From a distance she’s become the part of me that restores life which bring out the best in me.

Boldly presented for the world to see.

Katt Leya: More Than I Can HandleKatt Leya: More Than I Can Handle 

Face glowing and all knowing.

HD clarity too sweet for a cavity

Katt’s better than JLo with far more of Jello pudding for the pop.

How I yarn to hold her tight pressing my fingers around her waist, rubbing the small of her back,

breathing deeply and slowly around her left ear and down her heavenly scented neck.

Leya felt light and warm resting in my arms. No jet, no speed racer tonight. I refuse to be the hare.

Hopefully I’ll be purely a Mack truck and with some luck I’ll be packing and stacking being stronger,

lasting longer allowing her to feel the strength of my girth.

No, it’s not the entire Trojan Army it’s just little ole me. All by my lonesome.

She’ll open her eyes to look around to guarantee.

Katt will see as I present unto her the turtle philosophy.

Hard on the outside but soft and tender on the inside as the turtle is willing to stick it’s neck out.

Katt Leya: More Than I Can HandleKatt Leya: More Than I Can Handle 

This bud’s for you, sweetie.

The plan is to squeeze her tight and have her hold on with all her might, slip, soak, and sink

into each other from total bliss then ecstasy as we bask in our special fantastic fantasy.

It would be just her and me for the world to see. To explore the endless possibilities turning a dream into reality.

One day I’ll open my door and see our family throwing
baby showers, singing, dancing and laughing.

Never asking for more than I can handle the universe’s return comes in abundance.

Katt Leya: More Than I Can HandleKatt Leya: More Than I Can Handle

 I don’t give any money to any woman except to Katt and even then I have to be smart about that.

As soon as Honey hits my line, I’m taking the shortest route across town and when I get there I plan to take my time.

Soon as she holds me having her screamin’, hollerin’, and squeezin’ like she needs me.
Mental windows steaming and fogging my glasses. No watching TV.

I’m gonna love her as if I don’t have a cent in my pocket and everything to lose.

Pretty lady please look my way. I promise I plan to stay.

Let me love you in a different way.

Katt Leya: More Than I Can HandleKatt Leya: More Than I Can Handle

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Katt Leya: More Than I Can Handle

Katt Leya: More Than I Can HandleKatt Leya: More Than I Can Handle

Fallout or Ballout but do close your mouth

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