Mining For Love


The worlds most precious and valuable resources are discovered.

In many cases one must dig deep into the earth to acquire its wealth.

Gold and diamonds are not readily available on the surface for one to readily pick up and place inside our pocket.

The same can be said about oil, orr, coal and other precious metals.

Mining for Love

Mining For Love

It’s the same when it come to people and love. Keep in mind the wooden Jeannie bottle is delicate and fragile. Transferring and placing the Jeannie inside a glass bottle requires patience and a particular skill. 

First, we have to dig deep with minimal results before realizing and discovering the true value along with the greatness within ourselves before venturing out into the world, in search for love.

Tapping into and unlocking the mysteries of the beautiful you, is key. It’s recommended to remain still and wait for love oppose to chase after it blindly.

Obviously, as we grow we learn and discover it’s not about choosing the better person.

It’s about noticing then selecting the right man/woman that make you a better person.

Hard Hat

 Mining For Love

When one is mining for love make sure you don’t forget to wear your hard hat.



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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  1. Harlem, This is so sweet to read. And, I have not read or say about Mining for love. I totally enjoyed your writing. And, all the points are so clear and factual. Best use of prompt words. Congrats for completing challenge no.3 😃

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