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E. Denise Billups, Author

Female Runner alone

A surge of anger saddens my heart with the senseless murder of yet another female jogger here in New York City. Out on her daily run, doing something she loved stopped by an unforeseen assailant, stealing her life in an instant. I had to write this post. Perhaps a reiteration, reiteration, reiteration of the message: Don’t Run Without Protection—may save someone’s life. Never let your guard down, believing a jog in broad daylight or around familiar trails doesn’t warrant protection. The day you forgo that can of pepper spray, or your choice of protection, could be the day danger crosses your path.

I must confess I’ve had my share of scares on daily runs: An approaching group of male teenagers hanging out in the park heading in my direction; a van trailing beside me; the sound of quickly approaching feet from behind; the rustling movement on the side of…

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