Old Cliques

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Worn out, over used old cliques are often viewed and measured on the surface.

Some never dig deep and examine the core underneath or challenge what lies beneath.

Walk with me…

Have you ever heard the clique, “You can lead the horse to the well but you can’t make it drink”

How about if you ride that horse (hard) to the well?

What if you feed that horse (or person) some crackers?

Drop that horse in the middle of a big drink.

I bet that horse will fill itself with water, then.


“People think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence”

The grass is not greener.

It’s just green.

It appears greener because one hasn’t travel on the other side.

As soon as you get there one almost instantly discover grass is simply grass and nothing else.

It only looks greener because it’s less traveled on.


“One must learn how to play both sides of the fence”

In life, one must know and be willing to play all sides of the fence.


Meet me 50/50 or Let’s go half

The theory of the 50/50 rule implies a person is holding back 50.  Who’s the other 50 for?

Especially when it come to relationships. Its all about 100/100 and nothing less should be tolerated.


“There’s two sides of the truth”
The truth is there’s only one truth.

There’s your side, my side and then there’s the truth.

Only one truth prevails.


“Which came first? The chicken or the egg”

The Answer is neither because a cell was in existence before both of them. A cell that replicates and splits.

Especially when you have mineral, vegetable, insects, animals, humans and a divine state of mind.

Beware of the use of worn out and old cliques.

Don’t be fooled for what is merely on the surface. It just might make a difference in your life.


Tap deep beneath the surface and look beyond



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…


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