I Ain’t No Joke



He who has the greatest truth must also have the greatest love for it is the greatest proof.

People don’t care how much you know. 

They want to know how much you care.


I Ain’t No Joke

Just so you know this is finger food to me. The goal of poetry is to make a blind person see.

Obviously, it’s not about choosing the better person. It’s about selecting the right man/woman that make you a better person.

Knowledge is not power. Information is power. Applied information takes one to an entire stratosphere beyond the sun.
Every person has his/her own gift. Your light is special and should be shared with those that need it the most.

 As writers one of our goals is to devise a plan that will encourage the symptom to force people to think differently. 

In doing so, one must posses the talent to prove, to inspire, to change lives, to understand, to educate, to create value and to write epic shit.

Maybe if we’re cleaver we can do this together.



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…










6 comments on “I Ain’t No Joke”

  1. Nice post. This is a strange anecdote, but every time I see that qoute It reminds of this Reggae concert ft. Nas, there was a break between sets, I hit the beer line, a guy comes up behind and says, “It must be half tiiiiiiime. I said I ain’t no Joke!”.


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