Her House His Shack


As summer ends, the sign of winter is in the air as leaves fall and settle.

The park is filled with fun mixed with laughter, children play, parents gossip and govern with a watchful eye sharing their tales as it unfolds.

Last years Christmas gift left on a park bench, an image that depicts loneliness during a time when money was well spent.

A father of four, a dad to none.

A telling sign of what’s to come.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

MiracleChallenge Week 9

MiracleChallenge # 5





6 comments on “Her House His Shack”

  1. You have brought a very important message here in a very beautiful way. And I was able to depict the scene very well. I loved your tiny tale. Brilliant use of prompt image. Congrats for completing challenge no.5 🙂

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    Tiny Tale Title : Her House His Shack

    Challenge No : 5

    Challenge : Write a Tiny Tale /Poem/ Haiku/ Senryu using below prompt image in 5 or less sentences(for tale) and 5 or less lines(for poem)

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    Kindly, everyone read and inspire each other to write.

    Happy Blogging !

    Enjoy and have fun:)





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