2016 Versatile Blogger Award


I was nominated for the 2016 Versatile Blogger Award by KimKnight_Author of
Romance/Suspense & Crime fiction – https://kimknightauthor.com/

Kim was the only person that took the time to converse with me, in length.  Like a nurturing mother to a child she came to his rescue when he had fallen and bruised his knee.  As he screamed out in pain, she took the extra time to make all things better by tending to the wound ensuring that the healing process took place. Once again, when nobody paid attention I was surprised and caught off guard from her heart felt gift. How does a mother know when a child has a broken heart? Was it written all over his face? 

I will be forever grateful and respectful to her guiding grace… Again I’m honored. However, I’m new to this forum of writing. I didn’t know these awards exist.  I find myself inspired and desire to be published with the possibility to live forever through the rights of publishing and in the heart and mind of those I touch.

7 Random Facts About Harlem

  1. I have random thoughts and a point of view about everything.
  2. I don’t like people, I love them dearly.
  3. Once 210lbs (waist 38) currently 160lbs (waist 32) thanks to P90x, hard work, determination, dedication, perseverance with a new mindset and a change of diet.
  4. Allergic to Women, Cats and Cheap Perfume.
  5. To wait for love oppose to search for it, chase it and/or pay for it.
  6. To change the mind of others and to revolutionize the way the world view people of colour and how Black people view themselves.
  7. 5 years celibate (I didn’t plan it-it just happened). A combination of pain and weight gain (A personal challenge) was key.

I would like to nominate the following blogs:

Roberta Pimentel – Very interesting blog site and a offering worth checking out – https://robertapimentel.com/

Southerncharm79 – Dope on a rope, from images to poetry flow – https://unknownperson79.wordpress.com/

E. Denise Billups = Special Shout Out – This Queen’s Blog simply sings to me (you’re playing yourself if you don’t know about her, but now you have no excuse) – https://edenisebillups.wordpress.com/

A Opinionated Man = Special Shout Out – Bold and Informative, yet so much more –  https://aopinionatedman.wordpress.com/

Miraclegirlblog –  Awesome offering and acceptance. Sweet words of encouragement. I tip my Fedora to thee –  https://miraclegirlblog.wordpress.com/

Kim, thank you for the nomination. You blessed me with your words of wisdom and caring ear.  In many ways you’ve confirmed my purpose and provided a gorgeous wind for my sail.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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    1. Lol… Okay you got me but don’t tell anybody. Hey have you read “Girl He’s Fine” or “PeachBunnyMama”? Let me know what you think. I trying to see if I can make you laugh.


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