I See You

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Majestic and Mystic…

Discover what I’ve found in the greatness of (Queen) Author E. Denise Billups. 

Glance over her shoulder and witness God’s gift to all of us.

Tap into her soul, embrace her beautiful mind and life changing spirit.

This Bud Is For You

I See You

Special people deserve all your attention and should be cherish for a lifetime.
   To look for the power of magic oppose to complain about the obstacles.
      Understanding the meaning of, “When the well runs dry.”
         Being a parent is the best thing in the world as nothing else compares.
            Black hair, everywhere. Slide those panties down saying, “Hi there”.
               Opening my eyes every morning with a smile knowing she chose me.
                  Reach out and touch someone by paying it forward.
                     Never keep it to yourself. Instead, pass it on.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…






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