Fix Your Face


That stupid look on
Your face after a
False praise
Right when you
Drop everybody
For somebody
Ending up
With nobody


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…



5 comments on “Fix Your Face”

    1. Please accept… I appreciate your offering.

      Here are 11 questions for you and the nominees once you’ve looked up the award/what it means if you wish to participate.
      1. What is your fav colour
      2. How old are you
      3. What is your fav genre to read
      4. describe where you are reading this post right now
      5. Where would your ideal holiday destination be
      6. describe yourself in 5 words ONLY
      7. How and why did you start writing
      8. What is your fav time of year
      9. City or countryside?
      10. What is your fav season of the year
      11. Tell me a random fact about you

      Hope all I nominated participate.


      Heaven is at the foot of Mother….

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