The Last Recorded Broadcast


(Covered in smoke and debris) “This is WKBI channel 3 News, Jaque Pace Reporting live.

The threat is real yet unclear with panic and fear in the streets located in downtown Atlanta. What you’re about to see and hear may be disturbing.”

A day of mourning

Broadcast of a bystander Darnell Sharpe speaks: “The scene was frightening and chaotic to say the least. It had to have been a dream right? No, it wasn’t. It was real as shyt. (The camera pans the area) Fire was everywhere, women and children running and screaming. The smell of burnt flesh was fresh in my nostrils. I could taste the senseless carnage. Charred and mangled bodies all over the pavement and unrecognizable. Offices, stores, residential buildings, and fire hydrants all exploding around us, taking people out. Sewer water spraying in the air flooded the streets. It was horrific seeing the elderly being trampled, like that”.

Reporter Jaque Pace speaks: “What did you see? Can you describe the attackers if any?”

Darnell Sharpe speaks: “The cell phone towers were the first to go down. I got nothing but a busy signal when 911 was dialed. Nahmean. That’s when the shots rang out, whistling across my head ricocheting off the concrete. (The camera pans back on Darnell) Shyt man, I couldn’t see who was shooting because I was scared hiding under a dead body, hoping the shooters didn’t see me. I couldn’t make out much of anything because of the smoke. People began to panic and some started looting smashing store front windows grabbing all they can carry. I cut my hand somehow and I think my leg is broken. (A shocked and terrified Darnell places both hands on top of his head and manages to take out a picture of his daughter from his wallet) Oh, dear god I need to find my family. Please help me. We had gotten separated from the blast.

Even the fire stations had gotten hit from the underground explosions. By the time a working fire engine arrived, it was too late. There was nothing left but rumble and its aftermath. The damage was catastrophic.”

(Signal was lost. The picture moves from static to black) The control room scrambles to get the signal back and cuts to a commercial. The producer in the studio calls out asking, “Jaque, are you there?”

 End of the last recorded broadcast – Nothing but static



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

MiracleChallenge Week 8

MiracleChallenge # 1


#The Last Recorded Broadcast


7 comments on “The Last Recorded Broadcast”

  1. Brilliant use of Prompt sentence 👏😃
    I really felt the scene as live session. The description and the fear of that escaped man seemed very much real. But it was sad and is true at the same time like shooting and looting.
    Thank you for giving a great story. Congrats for completing challenge no.1 💐😇

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