The Power of She


When God was a woman until she lost her way and gave birth to me.

black-madonna1The Power of She

Brutha’s theory postulated the notion all life sprang forth from a woman.

There’s plenty of prove to his argument that God is a woman.

This type of information was pasted down from generation to generation until the birth of man.

There was a time when he did not exist.

Today, it’s believed that Adam (a man) came before the Atom (a molecule) within a Cell that replicates.

This is backward thinking at it’s best.

Nobody questions this unbelievable and inconceivable theory suitable for someone living during the caveman times.

Neanderthals some are…

There’s a lack of intellect, sensitivity and boorishness that imbue the vision of a people.

Every aspect to life points towards she…

Why do women out number men across the globe?

Why is it the oldest bones found, on earth, some 3.6 million years belong to a woman?

(They call her Lucy but the English language, nor the people that spoke that language didn’t exist back then)

Why does every human being have a navel connecting them to their mother?

What is the bee kingdom based on?

What is the ant kingdom based on?

Who does the hunting in the lion tribe?





Heaven is at the foot of Mother…






3 comments on “The Power of She”

  1. This is brilliant use of prompt words. I’m awe struck with your thoughts and perspectives about God and Women. You are truly gifted. Again good mixing of science. I loved where you said about million years old fossil about woman.
    Congrats for completing challenge no. 3 👏😃👏😃👏😃

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