The Depth of A Father

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When a Mother has a son (Sun) her reflection becomes her opportunity to play a major role in his upbringing ensuring a respectful young man society and the world can be proud of (leaving little to no room for anyone to call or think of him with the “N” word in mind).  The Mother of a Sun represents his first love, his first experience with a woman.  Her facial expressions, her touch, her tone, her kiss and her love leaves a lasting impression embedded within him, forever.  His experience with his mother determines how he relates with women of the world.

The same can be said about the depth of a Father and his daughter. The relationship between a father and his baby girl is special. If he is present at birth, he will witness a life changing experience. When a man sees his child being born into the world right from the start there’s a great appreciation of a woman’s magnificence. This is his opportunity to play a part in how the world will view his baby girl. He’s her first love, her superman who can do no wrong.  Baby girl’s view the world of men is greatly based upon her particular vision of her Father and all he has poured into her. If any…  No matter how old, she will always be Daddy’s Baby Girl.

I love you Jay…

Thanks for showing me the way


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…



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