When We First Met


The danger of over thinking and the rush one gets when the shit’s about to hit the fan.

When We First MetWhen We First Met

I remember when we first met while at the beach

I couldn’t take my eyes off from her

She looked so sweet

(Scene 1: An emotional Brutha venting to a friend)

Listen baby girl, you’re my best friend so I’ll keep it real with you. I’m not going to work myself to an early grave loving a woman who’s going to spend my money with the next guy after I die. I supported her while she was living in her mother’s house and that’s about all I can do.  I’m not sure she would do the same for me.  If I was living home with my mother I know she would have a problem with it.  What makes her any different? Girlfriend is just a fine woman in a bad situation in need of captain save a hoe to rescue her from misery.

As for this relationship, I think I rushed it.  I’ve been thinking lately and pondering more on the fact that I’m not, in any way, am I interested in watching a relationship fail and find out later that the bedroom set that I brought the next man is sleeping in. The television I paid for the next man controls the remote. It would be a sign of danger knowing the next dude has his feet up on the couch that my mother has brought for us. How foolish would I be to treat a person better than they would treat themselves?

I should have known better. A tiger never change its stripes. You know the saying, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”? Well how about, “Never educate a snake. For that snake will grow and sprout wings and feet“.

I have realized I’ve come to a point in my life where I am unable to unplug from her love. Therefore, I will create my own world inside this confined structure, this container of shameless hopes and dreams. False hope accompanied with disappointing dreams, which never seem to materialize.




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…








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