That Unpredictable Feeling

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That incredible, unpredictable feeling you get when love is in the air and one is without a care. Take me away forever.


That Unpredictable Feeling

Look here

Let’s see
I need to find
Her mailbox key

Aim for her heart
Can we walk a little
(Lookin’ deep in her eyes)

Maybe, talk for a lil

(He licks his lips)

With me…



Baby girl (Listen)

I can’t call it

Damn sure not

Tryin’ to spoil it

Just hopin’ to get your attention

Without being obvious

Not to mention

The unpredictable feeling

Caused an hesitation

I think you already know

I’m trying to get close

Your teeth has this incredible glow

(I love the way you look at me)

The transparencies 

Makes me think about

all the possibilities

I wonder if you can see

Straight through me

It’s alright 

I have nothing to hide

This here’s an open book

Can I hold your hand, lady

Let me whisper in your ear

Soft n warm

My sweet, maybe…

Leave your knees a lil weak

My intentions are to

Drive you crazy (baby)

Soft, sweet sounds

Let me hold you near

If I tell you
I love you
Trust me
I’m a man
Of my word

No need to fear

Never be concerned

It would be absurd

To let you down
At this point
Of my life
When I need
You in my life

I realize I can’t

Do this by myself

It’s never about me
It’s all about us
Let’s talk about we

Maybe we can discuss

I remember

The exact day

We first met

You moved me

In a way

I’ll never forget

That uncomfortable

Unpredictable feeling

One gets

When my heart was vulnerable

After she had became wet




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…




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