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From reel to real

A nightmare minus the sex appeal


I see how you want it
Martin Luther
Marchin’ for dimes to Washington (All for a monument)
Turn the other cheek
Words too hard
Soften up a lil (why don’t cha)
Let the past be

Cotton candy coated
Lollypop verses
Taste so sweet
Vision blurred
Is the word
Out on the streets


He talks too loud
2 much strong
In da air
Ole Gurl pulls her
Skirt up
Nobody’s lookin’
Nor seems to care

No mo marchin’
No singin’
Fist in da air
Police sticks swingin’
The nightmare is real
In da field
Just ask Holyfield

These are the sounds
Of a dream state
Awaken and gone viral
Car wheels screeching
Burnt rubber pealing
All for tomorrow’s survival

A nightmare is meant for you to be scared

Find your heart

Or get out of the way


Heaven is at the foot of Mother….


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