A Mind Storm


A mind storm that
Lead to a form
Of mental soft porn


A Mind Storm

I like her lips
Her toes
And the way
Her face glows

She won’t
Look at me
The same way she
Looks at him
The love in her eye
Made me realize

He has something, special

If I was his complexion
I’d be respected
And feared

If I drove a car like his
Maybe she’ll smile
Perhaps be my Ms

Since my Shade
Is not desired
My knight’s armor
Collects dust
As she walks by
With her head in the sky

So I will not speak
And forever hold
My peace
As she looks at me
Out the corner of her eye
While I walk on by

There’s something about
The way she
Move her hips
And lick her lips
My imagination drives me wild
I think about her every once in a while

From a person who
Acts as If
I don’t exist
Nonetheless, I’m
Left speechless


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…



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