The Unwanted Guest

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How am I suppose to feel

shutterstock_102685664The Unwanted Guest

It’s okay you don’t have to speak.
We only protect you, your children
And your personal belongings
While you sleep
Time to adapt to change
Things will never be the same

I’m very sorry you feel
The way that you do
It tends to make me sad
Feeling like, what more can I do
What more can one do
To make you understand

I’m a man, Too

The Unwanted GuestThe Unwanted Guest

I’m the guest
You didn’t expect
To date your daughter
And gain the
Respect as a man
With a plan
To shock the world
All for you to Overstand

The goal is to change
The mind of others
And to discover and
To uncover
The possibilities
Of you and me
Living in peace
And in harmony

But do you really want that…

Will you continue to talk about

Me behind my back

Would you trade places with me

To find out what it really is to be, Black

Now how about that




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…





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