A Black and Blue Desert

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 Man Down
man down1A Black and Blue Desert

I know it’s hard

With the sun shining

In your face but fight it

Open you eyes

See what’s in front

Of your face

People shouldn’t have to

Live in fear and in disgrace

Men in Black
Men in Blue
The world is watching
What are you going to do

When the code equals you


Tick to the Tock

Black Lives Matter
Black Girls Rock
The sounds of a people crying
When will the killing stop

He was killed during halftime
The game started at eight
His time of death was 7:17pm
Nobody caught it
Now it’s too late

black and blue2A Black and Blue Desert

Mace him
Tase them
Place holes
In his chest
He doesn’t own

A protected vest

I want you to treat me
Like you wish to be treated
Without being clever
But only better

What’s today’s color
How does a Black cop get shot
Something is awfully wrong

Guess they forgot

You’ll get fired

When you speak out

Where’s social media
What’s the meaning of social change
Nobody wonders
Why are things still remain the same

When a human being can die more beautiful
Than a human being can live
The world is watching
The seconds to the minutes
Of a clock
Tick to the Tock

The block is hot…

Another man down

Just another Black and Blue storm while living in the desert



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…





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