Forbidden Fruit

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The American Pit Bull; a man made breed purposely grafted for aggression. By nature, it’s a Frankenstein of dogs and most feared within the dog kingdom. How do people and the media view this breed of species? Walk with me beloved…

forbidden fruit1

Forbidden Fruit

As entire cultures have been removed from the face of the earth…

It’s viewed the same about the human strange fruit of its society; the unwanted and the overlooked. The problem child… The African American is a group that’s privately considered to be a Frankenstein of its people. A bred crafted by an absent spirit. Raised as the ignorant bastard child and made aggressive by nature. This black question mark is feared by many and considered to be a permanent underclass of its society. No one cares to examine the circumstances or the vacuum that bought about its capture? The forbidden fruit: a short story of a conquered people.

Ask anybody on the planet would they trade places (Eddie Murphy style) for the life of an African American. You will struggle to get a reply, saying yes. You may not get one resume applying for the position. This is proof of the power of the media’s indirect and direct suggestion manipulating the world’s point of view and the projection of a form of programming.

forbidden fruit

Forbidden Fruit

The show has begun and her slip has been raised for all to see. Her children are having children as we watch the house catch on fire and burn to the ground. From his bedroom covers to her covers we discover and uncover this strange forbidden fruit of a human-being. He has relationships with women and relations with men. She has relationships with women and has relations with men. Many are confused and in denial, a shell of a being; nothing of what he/she once was. His relationship with the opposite sex and his offspring has room for improvement. So many of us are absent in the home. Even when we are present often we are still not present.

The forbidden fruit is #1 in beer sales, alcohol sales, pork sales, divorce, drugs sales, sex, sports and entertainment. He finds himself the leader of the pack, which consume and cloud his spiritual fiber. Nobody plays the field better than this slick K-9. The wolf chases the fox and will play the game of hide and seek with sheep all day until it gets hungry.

She’s given birth to 13% of America’s population yet he’s well over 70% of the population within the prison systems of the land they once helped build. On the collective, we are a Frankenstein of a people, mostly feared by many if not all people outside her race. This is what happens to a group of people that has been conquered. Products of the aftermath of an undeclared war. Thus, the after effects of losing the battle and losing the war is plain for all to see. Many fail to critically examine the circumstance which created the vacuum of its capture. Some are in denial. Too many don’t even care.

Just another sad short story of a conquered people, the forbidden fruit, of a great society.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother.





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