The King & I

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When Moses returned from the mountain top and rescued his people taking them to the “Promised Land”.

Shocked The WorldThe King & I

The Doubt
The Adjustment
The Plan
The Shot
The Block
The Stop
The Dunk
The Determination
The Close-Out
The King
The Victory

The Triple Threat

The Promised Land
The Championship

The King & I 1

The King & I

The Doubt After The Blow-Out & Being Down 3 games to 1.

Instead, they decided to shock the world.
They saw, they came and kicked some “Folden State” Butt.

D. Wade (His passion, his words, his will) has to be proud of you. Pat Riley. (His formula, His blueprint, His belief) must be smiling seeing it all come together.



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…


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