Your Gift Is Special

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The cancer of racism imbrue our national character. It taints our moral fabric consciousness. It stains the spirit of the soul. It’s a spot. A shameful greasy spot across the face of humanity.


Know your worth…

Your Gift Is SpecialYour Gift Is Special


Whenever a noun
Place or
Doesn’t appreciate
All that you bring

Take your talent elsewhere
And make a difference
Stand out, touch someone’s spirit
In a special way so they can feel it

Your Gift Is Special.2jpgYour Gift Is Special


The new person
A new career
That new place
Is looking and waiting for you
You can never be replaced

Your gift is special
What more can one say
Step out of your comfort zone
Allow your light to lead the way.

Your light comes with instructions

That inner voice

God’s whisper her way of holding your hand during the storm

Happiness is the key

It’s part of the definition of being free


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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