Her Hostage List

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What is this foolishness?

The Hostage ListHer Hostage List

Friday’s fallout

Created an eviction notice

Due to a argument that went south
Closing of the Candy Shop

Sweet tooth decay
Enforced with a padlock
In search of a new tenant starting in May

“Room 4 Rent”

Locks changed
Hostage list discovered
List of demands
The knock on the door
Bags packed against the wall

Placed on the floor


 “A task set primarily 2 fail”

Note found

Written on toilet paper
Scotts 1000 sheets
Rolled out from the bedroom
While sleeping in the living-room

Temperature’s rising

Facial expressions
One wrong look
One foot out the door
One paycheck
One argument
Thirty seconds
From being homeless

Needing time to see

Where she wants to be

Legs crossed tight
Oh no they don’t open tonight
Not until this test subject acts right


 “The Sky Report”

Instagram pictures 100 likes

Lonely cold showers

The berries

Winter zone

The leaves

Nobody’s home

Needless to say

Baby’s gone

She screamed

No Ice Cream

Candy’s gone

No warning sign

No communication

The unwanted person leaves

Without hesitation




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…


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