The Man I Never Was

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When another man fills your shoes…

the man I never wasThe Man I Never Was

The definition of manhood escaped me

The spirit of her word never touched thee

Too many women to mention or to name

Far too much to remember without having some sort of shame

All the pain that I’ve caused

Could’ve been prevented

Big head, little head drag in the sand

Full of self and very argumentative

Another boy role-playing, a man

A dark, roach infested kitchen

Brain matter scatter in my mind

The glass house light switch flicker

An old man running out of time

Squandered years before the wake-up

Light shines forever brightly

Divorce papers filed shortly after the break-up

The glare after the squint, it burns to see her face

How I failed to be a father

Allowing another man to stand in my place


(Praying for forgiveness)



Heaven is at the foot of Mother….

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