The Future Of Oklahoma City: Durant & Westbrook

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With Cleveland waiting for a worthy opponent to play in the NBA Finals the writing is on the wall for Oklahoma City.

Killer duoThe Future Of Oklahoma City: Durant & Westbrook

With the series now 3-2, and after being up 3-1, this will be a must close out win for OKC’s Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in their match up against the Golden State Warriors on Saturday.  Their future only depends on it.  To allow a Golden State comeback (from a 3-1 deficit) would only spell destruction and the immediate departure of players. They should leave town if they come up short and fail for so many different reasons.

Expect to see a head coach change as well should this debacle unfold.

To be up 3 games to 1 and to lose the series would only confirm any suspicion of Kevin Durant (In the summer of 2016) & Russell Westbrook (2017) joining a new team for a greater tomorrow.

How 2 men can destroy an entire team.

Oh, how the Eastern Conference is looking very appealing to any would be team in need for a shining “Star” and a makeover. It takes a team to win in the West but in the East one can dream.

Witness The Future Of Oklahoma City: Durant & Westbrook

This reminds me of a past relationship with LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers before he left to join the Miami Heat.  LeBron gave Cleveland the best 7 years of his life and Cleveland failed to surround him with the necessary talent to win a championship. It was finger food at it’s best.

So what did LeBron do?  LeBron James took control of his destiny. He changed the game and did the unthinkable by controlling and dictating the outcome of his future. This move shook up the entire NBA as paid house butlers gathered and questioned LeBron’s decision.

That’s why I call LeBron James the resuscitator.  He breathes life into the lungs of the lifeless and restore the revenue of dead cities.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Dallas Mavericks - Game TwoThe Future Of Oklahoma City: Durant & Westbrook

It’s pretty much like the wife who divorces her good husband after 7 years of marriage.

The husband gives his wife the best years of his life and what does she do? She neglects him, along with the household and she had taken him for granted while laughing on her way to the bank.  In order to clearly see his gift and his value it had to cost her to lose her husband only to realize later all that she once had.

She later becomes jealous and envious while watching from afar.

Now she wants him back.  She didn’t do anything with him when she had him except spend his money.  Now she has regrets for not making the best out of her marriage and now wish to reconcile, to rekindle the ole flame and restore the relationship and all that was lost.

imageThe Future Of Oklahoma City: Durant & Westbrook

Test the waters homie, win a chip elsewhere and then reevaluate your new found options. You will be holding all the chip, all the nuts and berries that a big city is tailor made for and all that a small city could never offer.

Like LeBron, you owe them nothing and you’ve sacrificed your body and what did it get you?

You can always return, later. But right now it’s about getting that ring and raising that trophy.

Russell Westbrook The Future Of Oklahoma City: Durant & Westbrook

Play yourself if you think he’s not worthy to be called a superstar.  It only sounds like hate which will only motivate this man.  Shame on you if you think Westbrook isn’t an unstoppable force. Did anybody stop Allen Iverson?

I can’t hear you.

Russell Westbrook is a future Hall of Famer.  Russell Westbrook is a shooting guard running the point guard position.  Russell Westbrook has the heart that many NBA players lack.  In fact, if Kevin Durant had the heart that Westbrook has… If Kevin Durant, the leader, attacked the basket like Westbrook does then they would have had a ring the first time they went to the dance.

Instead, he deferred.

But many people don’t want to speak on that subject. You’re either built for it or you’re not.  Which one are you?

Russell-Westbrook-Dunk-Wallpaper-8The Future Of Oklahoma City: Durant & Westbrook

Even Chef Curry knows the handle on the pot is hot, boy.  He don’t want what Da Brook is cookin’.  Mess around and get a levee dropped on him.  Curry in this case is like Nas and even he don’t want it wit HOV.

We had ” The Truth” then we had “The Answer” and now I dare to pose “The Question”.

How do you dethrone a champion?

WestbrookFinals1The Future Of Oklahoma City: Durant & Westbrook

Any questions? Anybody?

I didn’t think so.

Well, I have a few questions.  What have you learned?   What are your plans for the summer after soul searching and going fishing with KD?

Since your team loss a 3-1 lead to the world champions which OKC team will show up in Golden State?  Which Russell Westbrook will show up and how many more big shots will Kevin Durant miss in the deciding game 7?

Will the at times reckless, turnover riddled and poor selection of shots of a point guard rear its ugly head?  Just show up instead of showing out. How about driving the ball more to the basket instead of falling in love with the 3 pointer?

 Kevin Durant is currently in the class of Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Tracey McGrady, Allen Iverson, Patrick Ewing, George Gervin, Dominique Wilkins and Vince Carter as the best player without a title?

Splash Bros.

The Future Of Oklahoma City: Durant & Westbrook

How difficult it is to win back 2 back championships

Splash City: Kudos for extending the series to a 7th and final game.  This is what champions do and this is what great stuff is made out of.  Clay Thompson went nut in game 6, scoring 41 points, a playoff record of 11, 3 pointers. The boy went off scoring 19 points in the fourth quarter. This is rifle man/machine gun Klay at his best.  Can somebody guard this guy?  At least make him pick himself up from off the floor.

The pressure of having a 73-9 record and not repeat as a champion. 

How everything goes in vain should Golden State fall short. You can’t make up this kind of stuff.  This is what dreams are made of.  A story book ending.  Golden State will be responsible for players on OKC to run for the hills and claim another state their home during the summer of 2016/2017.

It looks more than likely the Golden State Warriors will beat OKC and repeat as defending champions to take their place among the NBA elite.  They have everything at stake to lose.

Besides, a Golden State rematch with a healthy Cleveland will be a better match up.  Don’t you think?

I mean who wants to see hero ball anyway?  Who want to see LeBron James son Kevin Durant again?  Who wants to see 2 players verses 7 players?  Who wants to see Kevin Durant crying in a corner?  Well, I do, hoping the lost will make him a better man and a better player (Leader).

I want LeBron to earn Cleveland a championship. I want J.R. Swish to show up but we know that will not happen. But hey, you never know.

curry chicken

The Future Of Oklahoma City: Durant & Westbrook

How one man remains cool under pressure in his quest for another ring. 

Simply unguardable and unstoppable.

This is how you bag them and toe tag’em. 

An historic game 7 comeback finish that will be remembered forever.

36 pts, 8 ass and 5 reb

The destruction of OKC. 

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The Future Of Oklahoma City: Durant & Westbrook


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