A Glimmer Of Hope

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Girlfriend brought a whole new meaning to “We Sick” to the doctors office.  When she sneezed it was I who caught the cold.  Needless to say, I was left standing, freezing in the North Dakota wind holding the ole carrot from a memory of what could have been.  As a child, I didn’t understand.  Now I realize what he meant when he said,

“The beautiful ones always smash the picture always every time”.  Prince

A Glimmer Of HopeA Glimmer Of Hope

 It’s the relationship that never was. The situation-ship I didn’t want. She’s the woman I can’t have.  Although I love looking at her-her picture doesn’t help my situation of hopelessness and wishful thinking. I believe I need to change her picture from my lock screen and remove her from the wallpaper on my iPhone.  Looking at it only increase my pain and prolong the unquestionable inevitable. So it seems reality can be very revealing.  Does it make sense to have hope for someone who doesn’t call?

(Sigh) I think it’s time I remove her pic’s from my iPad, too.

How we make up and find the excuses for the things and the people we want.

As I gaze at her picture one last time pressing the delete button is something I find hard to do. I mean look at her.

(Cloud bubble to self… Maybe I’ll remove them tomorrow. I pray she remember me in a good way).

A Glimmer Of HopeA Glimmer Of Hope

I see your face in her in many ways…

I get this feeling that she might be (thinking about me) going thru my blog searching for anything that might be off.  She’s the shit, honey-sweet, sugar, freakin’ ice- tea (Yeah). Her face is the reason I smile. Only wanted my Greek Georgia Peach breakfast yogurt to stay for a while. Hopefully I’ll make her wifie.

She’s looks like how Sade sounds singing on a Saturday morning.  Honey Sweet is my “Smooth Operator “.  Betta than a laced rack from off a stack of smoked prime ribs, slowly cooked on maple wood, dipped in honey maple barbecue sauce; capturing my attention in a way like no other from her aroma.

Introducing Café Bistro Niko.  Just so you know she has that tight skin, virgin snow, 7 day Dove test, Ivory soap glow.  You can find her in the ice cream section under Breyers.  Vanilla becomes her name.  All natural.  Gluten free for all to see.  My favorite two scoops of pure truth.  Lips full, moist and wetter than ever cleverly painted baby powder pink.  Sprinkles on her cream, rarely needed. Neva conceited. Her beauty can’t be measured by her circumference alone. The diameter times radius measures the distances around thee. A glimmer of hope ascends upon me.

Hair wrapped keeping everything within her sexy intact.  Skin like Butta taste like Pecan (pie) just waiting for the season and a reason.  Stunning to the eye. Very pleasing… It’s plain and simple no reason to lie. She belong to a particular group of people across a certain diaspora. You wouldn’t understand if I need to explain but I’ll try.  It’s hard to ignore her when the world applauds her. Eyes Bobbi Brown sometimes gray. Eye brows craved and shaped like pretty wings from above. Nose perfectly balance out her face.  A poster image of…  An amazing grace.  It’s not wise to deny her. A sacrifice has to be made regardless of all cost.  I’m here for her until the end of time. Honey doesn’t have a clue nor know the reason…

Sweetie would have to know how to read in between the lines of the text. To decipher the code she’d have to know where to look. I’ve whispered her name which is embedded throughout this blog. If you search you will find her. Sign, signals and symbols. What does it mean?

A Glimmer Of HopeA Glimmer Of Hope

His heart was worn on his sleeve

 Cheesin as if he had brought home the groceries

Seeing all the possibilities of a lasting relationship.

To everyone it was plain to see she’d never believe they could be.

Now the damage as been done baby girl is on the run

to chase a dream in the medical field, overseas without me.

“Come back Nikki, come back” Prince

A Glimmer Of HopeA Glimmer Of Hope

It was like this huge weight had been lifted from all the years I’ve waited and suddenly the sun appeared.  She has that breath of fresh air look about herself.  Honey had a Brutha whistling love songs with a mouthful of crackers looking foolishly stupid as if there was such a thing.  I mean so sexy she could poot through a key hole leaving the lingering scent of white linen. Simply, she brings me joy and I get excited on the thought of the way she walks, her dress, her grace, her style, her smile. Yeah, I know it’s been awhile.

Once upon a time one could have considered her Apollonia (phine) fine. Nahmean.

Her presence draws the spark which ignites the flame that lights my life reshaping my world and make time move slow. “The Re-education of Sperm”.  Honey has that “It” factor.  She has a special way of making the day seem brighter.  I can’t resist her magnetic attraction and I can’t ignore the electric impulse I feel.  All things seem possible when she’s around.

The idea of being in love with her was like a race to the finish line which in the past I would lose each and every time.  In my mind, she wasn’t an hallucination nor a optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions.  No, she was real.  My glimmer of hope.

Until my money runs out.

A Glimmer Of HopeA Glimmer Of Hope

 I bet she smells like she look which has to be amazing.  Sweetie makes me want to return to school and finish what I never started.  Sometimes late at night, I shed a tear or two when I think of her.  I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of crawling back into my head but it happen just the same.  She didn’t seemed to be surprised to have such an affect when I told her.  She stood up, looked at her Kay Spade watch, shook her head, chuckled to herself and went to the little girls room to drain the kitty.  So by now you all ready know I’m feeling some type of way.

A Glimmer Of HopeA Glimmer Of Hope

Home alone on my off day. I often think about what she’s doing and the things I’d like to say.  Although it’s not going to be perfect I still think it’s worth it.  It’s plain to see a single cell could equal we.

Maybe I should have sent to her the $1,200 she had asked for. Who needs to pay rent when Western Union is just down the block?  I think that’s paying for attention, right?

What about sending her Edible Arrangements? That would be a nice surprise. But then that’s being thirsty, huh? When I “did” for her we lived in FaceTime city.  Man, I just want to hear her voice and hopefully see her face once again.

Love must be a poor sap with a trait deficiency and I must have inherited the dominate gene.

Falling in love is like a double edge sword but its worth every enjoyable painful step. On one side you’ve found heaven on earth and on the other it’s more like the mother-in-law or girlfriend from hell who won’t go home.


Let the cards fall where they may.  The cat’s out the bag.  When your heart is alone without a house or a place to call home one tends to search for that angel to inspire and change their life.  Without a word spoken there’s instantly a glimmer of hope.

(Sing with meh) 

“But I got to have your face all up in the place.

I’d like to think that I’m a man of exquisite taste.

Hundred percent Italian silk import Egyptian lace.

Nothin’ baby, I said nothin’ baby could compare (nothin’ could compare)

To your lovely face.

Do you know what I’m sayin’ to ya (do ya)”

 “Adore“, Prince 

A glimmer of hopePrince

If he can express himself so openly why would I be any different.


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A Glimmer Of Hope






Heaven is at the foot of Mother…


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