My Office Boo

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  It was suppose to be about two mature people having lunch while understanding and respecting their current situation. But they later find themselves knee deep in some awkward and epic shit.   

my office booMy Office Boo

How ordering breakfast led to tipping the bartender after downing tequila shots and devouring hot wings during Happy Hour at “Papi’s”.  When the harmless flirting becomes cheating.  The company bus ride to Atlantic City that nobody seem to remember. The ole worn out clique, “what happens in Atlantic City stays in Atlantic City”.  The faces change but the names remain the same. What are the rules of engagement at the office? 

The weekend trip to Miami with the “girls” that wasn’t entirely true. The rondevu at the steak-house on the beach with, him. The towel room shenanigans until sunset.  Sipping low-cal margaritas from her navel. The pre-planned meeting accompanied with the surprised look on her face when she had seen him at the club. The inquiring by her prying and curious girlfriends. They can’t know what’s going on. What will they do or say should they find out? Her girlfriends voice, in the background, can be heard saying, “Until you are ordained to him by God everything you touch and think of will turn to shyt. Nothing will come good to you until you do right by his wife. He is a married man. He does not belong to you.  Anything that man gives to you belongs to her.  Anything he gives to you make sure she gets the same, twice over.”

They can’t find out about the after dark funky and warm smell.  The in-explainable conversation with them the morning after. Being pampered on his treat at the Stone Massage & Facial Spa. The sin & the excitement of the possibilities of a wish. The rehearsed call to home. The adrenaline rush from almost getting caught. The guilt afterwards.

My office booMy Office Boo

They started out as co-workers who became friends over time. It was as harmless as ordering lunch together, looking at menus and sharing visions of food they liked. The two enjoyed all they had in common. They didn’t expect to catch feelings.

Both were adults and had a life before they had met. Ebony & Brutha made sure not to interfere with one another affairs at home; instead they acted as respectful referees of love because lives were depending on them.

The sign on Front Street read, “They belong to someone else”.

Now they’re unable to take back what was done; the moment they stole as the morning after became their reality.  Later, she became emotionally attached. It wasn’t long before he had become possessive. Brutha felt some type of way and had gotten a little temperamental when Ebony didn’t reply to his late night texts. She became argumentative and defensive when Brutha didn’t answer his cell when she called.  They started acting almost as if they were married to each other.

 Two married people over time acting like two old couples finding themselves happily involved with each other.

My office booMy Office Boo

There was something about the office to office glances made by each other which was telling. Some people can live an entire lifetime in a hour.

 In the morning, Brutha shared with Ebony his Canadian bacon, grilled onions, 3 egg omelet with melted provolone cheese on a toasted buttered Italian hero bread.  Ebony was counting calories but couldn’t resist to steal a bite or two of his sandwich. Brutha like to see Sweetie’s eyes pop out of her head when he presented food to her which would bring a huge smile to his face. He also loved the way Ebony chewed her food. Eating lunch together became their regular thing while discussing office politics and work assignments, in detail.

My Office BooMy Office Boo

Orange juice sipping the next day, trying to figure out his next move and what to say.  The sweet aroma of her perfume burn its scent into his nostrils as she enters the office.  E’s scent is more than delicious and inviting causing heads to turn as she walks through the office.  Baby Gurl crown Brutha the breakfast/smoothie king and adorn him as her handsome lunch knight; her superhero who saves and smooths out her day with a smile.

For Brutha, Ebony served and delivered a much needed value that was absent from his life. He discovered and uncovered her hidden value by being supportive to his ideas and finding her amazingly complementary to his strengths and weaknesses which made him wonder what possibly could be going on inside her home. She seem to truly believe in him and his talent.

They started sharing stories of their personal life and helped each other out like a support group. A very small support group in their time of need.  They weren’t in any 12 step program but at times it felt like it.

“E-Breezy” was her tag name saved in his phone.

Arroz con PolloMThis Weeks Menu

They treated themselves very well and ate good during the process.

MONDAY – Baby ordered, Chicken Fricassee with potatoes with a Cuban Creole sauce, black beans w/ brown rice.

TUESDAY – Brutha had to have the
Roast Pork with the choice of Congris or Arroz con Gandules.

WEDNESDAY – For hump day Ebony went with the Ropa Vieja (shredded beef) with red beans and white rice.

THURSDAY – No Pork on his fork in his house so Brutha did it up and got the Roasted Pork that had a rich garlic flavor, garbanzos (chick peas).

FRIDAY – They both had Ropa Vieja (shredded beef) with black beans and brown rice.

My Office BooMy Office Boo

How the light instantly turns on when two people try to figure out what’s in front of them.

Her enthusiasm was passionately revealing and with such conviction. He admired and appreciate her mind.  No clever argument, no persuasive fact or theory could make a dent in the rightness of her opinion.

He fantasizes and flirts with the dream he can’t have. Its often painful just to look at her.  Ebony only wanted one night. Brutha wanted more than she could give but didn’t want to spoil the moment by rushing it. He realizes he doesn’t know her just as she will need more time to get to know him. It’s complicated.  They have no idea where this will lead but has an idea of how it may end. If she truly want him she will be willing to train him but for now it’s perfect the way it is knowing the chase is definitely on.

Office BooMy Office Boo

During lunch Ebony let him sample some of her cajun spice fried calamari. She smiled when Brutha slammed his head down into her plate.  E’s imagination had gotten a little carried away after watching him go after something he wanted.

They enjoyed ordering food and eating together.  She had gotten close to his stomach and started making him eat healthier during the process something she couldn’t do with the guy she has at home. They discovered they had things in common such as obligations, career, movies and undisclosed fantasies.

The saying, “she had him at hello” was an understatement.  Brutha had her at “Day Boat Scallops”.

my office booMy Office Boo

The office labeled them Bonnie & Clyde, partners in crime.  He rolled “The Bob”she licked “The Marley”then lit it. Together they rolled around in total bliss.  Zumba class expectations but the temptation for their once a month on Thursdays, room 420, smelt more attractive. One can find them giving each other shotguns in the hotel room with a towel under the door.  She just wants to play and have fun. Ebony had become comfortable with their current arrangement.  She’s afraid of making a choice because he mysteriously offers the unknown.

Her heart racing from a dare… Ebony didn’t want to upset the perks and the benefits from the loans she would never have to repay. In her mind, strings were attached to eating for free, the pampering, the attention and his ear to bend. The feel of being desired made her feel alive, once again.

Office Boo3My Office Boo

Look at their faces and the glow that aluminate their connection which can be seen for all who have eyes. For them 8 hours at work mean everything. They found themselves sitting next to each other or across from one another during meetings and events.  The anxious cubicle to office phone tag to see what’s for lunch.  Her dress. His suits. That thick bow legged stance on display in them fitted jeans sporting knee high leather boots worn on Fridays. His fitted dry-fit King James T-shirt he wears on dress down Fridays. No words ever needed. It was all seen in the eye contact as they read each others mind. His Devilish smile. Her precious and unforgettable laugh.

 Have you ever had something happen to you-you can’t quite explain? It takes your mine and twist it upside down and all you can think about is that person? Well, Brutha’s mind is made up and he is ready to sign his release papers.

For them, 8 hours at work seem be a timeless dream.

Office Boo

My Office Boo

She’s known from coast to coast like butta on wheat toast.  Her voice… Nothing can compare to her hair and the clothes she wears.  Her smile has this magnetic pull to it. One can feel its electric.

He envisioned kissing her lips would be like eating ice cream from a cone for the very first time. Only time and intelligence craft thee. The greatest of all creations. From her breast to the design of her magnificent body merely display the perfect thought of an intelligence beyond our imagination.

Office Boo4 My Office Boo

The perks of being an Executive allowed Ebony to FaceTime during breaks and on rainy days when they couldn’t get away from the office.  She could feel his presence whenever he would pass by her office.  The oils he used turned her on in a way that should not be described in public and it smelt so different, on him.  She needed proof he was telling her the truth about the name of his fragrance.

He had this walk and a air about himself that intrigued her even more.  His significant other must have felt the same as Ebony. Brutha had that masculine swag down to the T, shoulders straight, back erect like royalty that commanded attention without making an effort to standout. (Who does that?)

She touched herself on the very thought of him.  She has him locked in her iPhone as “Bonnie”. She was smart enough to not assign him his own ringtone. She’s the office boo suddenly realized.

 Nobody will understand what they have together.  Without a word, he loves her, it’s all in his eyes and the expression on her face spell exactly how she feel about him. As long as he is in her life she has to keep a clear head because she knows he has to go home to his wife.

It about to go down. The cats is out of the bag.

Office BooMy Office Boo

For I.T. support she calls the help desk, creates a ticket, states the nature of her request and a technician is dispatched.  Brutha was just one phone call away. He’s the office boo, discovered. With a “ticket” in hand he’d rush to assess and resolve Ebony’s computer problem. He just can’t seem to manage nor determine the damage created at home from the pass recent chain of events.

Is it cheaper to keep her or will it be more costly to ignore the little voice inside his head telling him to be careful and to not rush from the frying pan into the fire?

He had gotten careless and sloppy with his cell phone, left it on the kitchen counter and went to the bathroom when “E-Breezy” sent him a text that read, “My Office Boo”.  While in the restroom he could hear Ebony’s ringtone chime from the kitchen. The ringtone that should have been placed on mute. Brutha looked in the mirror and closed his eyes.

The atmosphere in the house has changed and the climate is getting warmer.  The day has become cloudy and the bath water is cold and kinda murky.

My Office BooMy Office Boo

The pressure from last nights argument pays it toll.  The scabs keep coming off after an argument which reveal the wound never healed. When everything had its time. Maybe marriage is forgiveness, maybe negotiation, maybe even to surrender. Pride means nothing when it comes to matters of your heart.

Ebony’s friends wouldn’t approve her adultery and his family would hold it against him if they found out he was unfaithful.  They just wouldn’t understand what they share.  Not to mention, he hasn’t been wearing his ring lately and they don’t kiss anymore in Ebony’s household.  The candy shop “Closed” sign has accumulated dust for some time.  To steal one night doesn’t seem as bad as it appears to be.  He weights the odds of 17% in child support, sleeping on the couch with one foot out the door and one argument from being homeless. Ebony ponders her options and does what is best for the both of them.

Her transfer to the Chicago office is pending her decision.  Late at night he cries because inside his heart is all alone. Ebony can’t sleep from thinking about her options and how it will affect and be the best for her family. “What are we going to do and when will you leave to go to the other office?”he asks. It was decided they’d cut their daily breakfast down to three days and making sure they traveled across town to have lunch. It was starting to turn into some 007 type of shit.

On one hand Brutha found a fountain of chocolate kisses waiting. On the other hand he never thought he’d be thinking about visitation rights to his children.

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My Office Boo



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…




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