Allan Brown: You Are Loved


 Some people are born to change the lives of others.  Allan Brown was that man and he did it effortlessly. 

Big AlAllan Brown: You Are Loved

If you ever met him you would never forget him.  Big Al, a poised speaker whom walked softly and possessed a gentle surgeons touch.  A deity holding a camera. A muse to many.  Without speaking a single word his comforting smile made you blush.  His presence invoked a higher power with a focus.

Big AlAllan Brown: You Are Loved

Many witnessed the ex-football player’s passion first hand as he performed and carried out his best work.  A teacher to anyone who wanted to learn the craft. Allan’s dominating and pervasive presence was an inspiration to all that touched the hem of his garment. Mr. Brown was truly a rare breed.

Big AlAllan Brown: You Are Loved

Straight out the box of alphabets… From BET to CBS this gentle Ben of a man left his mark, a signature piece, which defined his unique artistic style.  We all paid witness to Al’s gift, a master of his craft. It was clear he was the one on loan to us. The brother who carried the torch while doing our Creator’s work, here on earth; an assignment from above.

big alAllan Brown: You Are Loved

His magnificent spirit left many in awe forcing others to look in the mirror.  Al made it happen not only for himself but for all those he touched. His effect upon others merely amplifies his worth.

Big AlAllan Brown: You Are Loved

Our hearts are heavy.  We should never postpone tomorrow.

Al, you will be forever missed & never forgotten.

You were a blessing in our lives. We miss you dearly.

Thank you for the full moon last night.

Rest easy big homie.

imageAllan Brown: You Are Loved

“When you meet someone who is just as passionate as you, work just as hard as you, love hard as you do, has a heart as big as yours, humble just like you and willing to share as you do….  This lost is such a hard pill to swallow”

Unique London


Allan Brown: You Are Loved

You’ve changed my life forever.

Thank you for passing through…

R.I.P. Big Homie

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Gone Too Soon



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…





2 comments on “Allan Brown: You Are Loved”

  1. He was loved, and he was crazy. My wife met him at our 25th class reunion. Out of everyone she met Al made the greatest impression. Actually, he got on my nerves, revealing all of my secrets lol, but my wife was hooked. I think it was called “The Big Al Effect”.
    Thanks for sharing and reminding me to still be Thankful for what we had.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “The Big Al Effect” is right on point. Yes, his ass was crazy. Don’t get him started cause then it’s ova… I think we all should take time to step back and reflect; to appreciate the gifts that are on loan to us. Life is very uncertain and tomorrow is never ever promised.

      Thank you my friend for taking the time to share your thoughts. I truly appreciate your kindness. Bless you kind Sir.


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