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This is fo the bitch azz muthaphucka that had the audacity to call the next nicca askin questions about a Brutha and their girl.  Questions like.  What you be callin fo?  Why you be textin her, though?  What’s goin on wit you and my girl?  Listen up lil bitch, I’m only gonna say it once.  Anytime you have to ask a Brutha a dumb ass question about me and your girl, let it be clear, “That’s not your girl”.  Now, how do I taste?


Fall back, nicca.  Calling me 2:30am and 4:30am in da morning is nothing short of a bitch move.  When those tities pop up on my phone I pick up on the first ring.  You played yourself homie, callin me with treble, no bass, in your voice.  Don’t make me focus on you playboi cause I’m grimy wit mine. Ya heard!  Don’t get mad, now.  She ain’t been throwin it down like she use to, right?  Why do you think that is?

Don’t you eva call my phone cryin, askin and lookin ova my shoulda. You checked Honey’s phone which spells that you are an insecure bitch.  You tryin to read her emails.  We talk, creep, blaze da street and encode shyt.  You try 2 decode it.  I spit dat straight forward shyt.  We text, in code nicca.  You lie about it, spyin and shit.  That’s how punk nicca’s move and get down.  I heard you hacked her account, now that doing too much don’t you know she got two accounts?  Just leave.  Baby girl is gonna be just fine.  Trust me homie.  I got her fo eva.

Not Havin ItPissed

Keep my name out your mouth.  Stay off my FB page.  Don’t follow me on IG.  That’s called stakin and I don’t go both ways unless I’m on the football field.  Pause, no homo.  I know you be ghost ridin my dyck.  The streets be talking.  I heard you be readin my shyt.  I hope you learn a thing or two.  I will neva know why a fool would want to read and try to find out what the next nicca does and how he do it.  Oh, I get it.  You are tryin to be on the come up.  Interesting my dude, no matter how much you read, bite and steal, you’ll neva be me.

You ain’t on my level.  You don’t even come close, but if I were you I’d try, too.  I guess I can’t be mad at you.  Nonetheless, you try; she gets frustrated and thinks about me.  Kill yourself.  You can’t even lick or drive by it like me.  Kill yourself.  My tongue curls yours doesn’t.  I know exactly who you be.  I ain’t scared.  She showed me your pic, thin chap lips, brown crustin, clothes don’t fit and wipe that shyt out your eyes.  Don’t you feel that shyt?  This shit is classic. Just kill yourself.

Step inside the oval office middle finger up bitch. Spin baby spin rotate and meditate on dat shyt. Harlem Globetrotter ballin & rockin it.

Breakin yo ankles you lookin like you skippin rope. Nicca get off your knees bitch you ain’t back in jail pickin up invisible soap.

Ghost writin bitch.  Ovastand I’m hot right now. As if I’m on tour nicca all year round. Your jaw tight, cause you bite, snitch and den have da nerve to switch.  I’m here, then there, while you my friend you’re nowhere. Just pull up your skirt and fix your pantyhose. Bend ova miss you’ve been exposed.


Bum azz, short term, backwards country muthaphucka.  Norcross firing range if you man enuf.  Just so you know that pretzel pucci is worth it.  Pressin, foldin and holdin that shyt back… That goes for you too Brooklyn.  I didn’t forget about you.

Hold up, If I had my way I’d marry her in April that’s how much I respect you. I let you live at Penny’s birthday party. Bell, Biv, Devoe singin & dancin in da village. Big Head, my nicca, 106 & Park on standby waitin for my signal. You graduated from nicks to dimes. I swear I never touched your girl, lol. Like I said, I swear I neva touched your girl. Shrimp, Patron, crab legs on me. Get it? On me, my treat. To dat West Indian nicca Ty all I’m gonna say is The Hewitt School. Sweet. I’ll always be her friend, to da muthaphuckin end. Just needed to get dat off my chest.

Now back to you, bumkin.

When she be out studying tryin to finish her paper for a grade who you think be helping her wit dat shyt?  And she be really studying, alright.  You gotta feel like a sucka right about now but here’s another tip.

Don’t you eva talk to me about the gas and food money you expense her.  Oh by the way, thanks I appreciate your kindness my refrigerator was getting kinda low.  You’re doing a great job if my opinion counts.  I could careless if you pay her cell phone bill.  Just keep in mind I was before you and I always will be, before you.

I came to your state tryin to change my ghetto ways and here you go, tryin and testin a brutha.  So read this shyt, print it out if you have to but let it be clear, crystal clear, bitch.  She’s only on loan to you.  I know it hurts nicca.  You’ll be aight.

Mad As HellPissed

So you’re eager to find out bout your boy. What I do, when I do it well I don’t play with fools and I don’t Phuck wit toys.  Let’s see! The earth moved she saw stars; you woke up hours later lookin fo her car. Boy dat honey mustard tastin good on dat subway samich. You read this shyt 4 tymes and still couldn’t understand it. Walk wit me…

I’m just an up north dude campin in da south and you bout to find out.  I’m the quite before the storm, nicca.  You don’t want it.  Every now and again a creep, from the sticks,  will force a brutha out of his character and this is one of dem dayz.  If I haven’t gotten your attention before I’m sure I got it now.  I hope I’m on your radar, adjust your scope.  The funniest thing you can’t do nothin about it except just sit there and stare at the screen.  Take it out on the mouse homo, I mean homeboi.  You and the mouse got something in common.  Or did that fly ova your head?

(Side Bar) If you stay outside long enuf nicca someone is gonna fill yo shoes and take yo place.  Keep hangin out nicca.  As soon as you wake up and get home you’ll find all your porridge is gone. Da strip clubs will be derr you ain’t missin nothin.

If you don’t know your girl’s a freak you will not know to check her Public Storage space for the hand cuffs, baby wipes and whips.  Does she play dress up for you?  I think not.  Oh, my bad.  Now you know.  Word to the wise, when there’s trouble at home all you have to do is look in the mirror.  Neva make the mistake and call the next man.  That’s not solving your problem.  Get it? Got it? Good. Run along now go outside and play.

Got damn hoe now who dun just shot ya, verbal assaulted yo nutz and killed yo phuckin character? Queen took, check mated Assassin Creed murdered cha.

Busta full load in yo mouth then empty a clip, closed casket. Spit on your grave in shyt, take yo girl Brave Heartin it stylin & wildin on dat shyt.

The Harlem Knight Killah, left you slumped ova propped in da corna. Paddy wagon rydin visitin the coroner.  N.I.C.C.A.

(Checkin me out like a bird sittin on a telephone pole, tightrope walkin like a chick in cheap shoes).

Harlem nicca don’t let the ATL fool ya.  (Lol, you gotta luv it, baby). This shyt is classic.  I’m out nicca and wipe your lip that shyt ain’t sexy. Close your mouth while you’re at it.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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