Ms. Karma

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Ms. Karma

As the sun rises and as the sun sets

Looking back on life

I glanced in the mirror despite a few regrets

I’ve been blessed


I’ve been a player

I’ve played others and

I’ve been played

When Ms. Karma came knocking on my
door, I welcomed her inside and made her feel comfortable

She stayed for a while

We had a long conversation

I made her breakfast, fixed her lunch and feed her dinner

She slept in my bed while I got familiar with the couch


The sun always shines bright

What comes around goes around

Another chance to make it right

Isn’t she lovely

Only heaven knows what she means to me

Her beauty’s like poetry


Stained frames and fogged glasses

Finally I understand

The spilt milk on the floor

Today, I can see destiny; embrace thy fate

Yesterday I only looked upon the effect from cause




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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