Vanilla Bean Queen

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When the clock has been turned back and the roles are reversed. When the older Brutha from Harlem pays it forward while being seduced by a young Georgia Peach, which led him to fall in love with a young “Vanilla Bean Queen” during his noble attempt to see her graduate from college and attend Med School abroad.

Vanilla Bean QueenVanilla Bean Queen 

One can tell when a new person has entered another person’s life. It’s written all over their face and their walk is different. The chain of events seem to change their perspective of each other and of other people along with the world in which they live. In this case, the young woman had simply snuck up from behind and cracked Brutha upside his little melon shaped of a head without warning. He stumbled and took a seat in Starbucks after ordering a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino (whipped cream included) with a light splash of strawberry giving it that cheesecake/red velvet taste.

With no rag in hand and blood dripping down the side of his face into his eye, his vision became blurred as he struggled to bring into focus his new view of a Vanilla Bean Buttacup. As the cashier offered Brutha a paper towel for his troubling drip the beauty of her alone made him wanna eat her up without a hiss or a fuss. His much needed spark lead to a fire, that was desired to be treated. Introducing, Sweet Lil Buttacup. Behold, Brutha’s Vanilla Bean Queen one who instills and ensures structure, balance and order similar to the laws and principles of MA’AT.

Madonna and Child The Black Madonna & Child 

With a smile on Beanz face Buttacup looked down and to her left; a picture stolen of the Madonna and child hidden in the basement of the Vatican. A confused Brutha now stretched out and rested in her arms gazing up like a child, while lying on the floor of the Pope’s chamber. He has that pre-paid thou and you know, that magic carpet sex-text, smart phone plan with the option to FaceTime. He found himself day dreaming…

madonna and childThe Black Madonna & Child 

While licking his fingers from eating macaroni & cheese with a side of black eyed peas a picture in his phone of her instantly appears. Normally he wouldn’t answer the phone until its third ring but “The Queen” get picked up on the very first ring, without hesitation. (Above is just a summary of a light education of a stolen nation’s culture, continue to walk wit meh despite the hovering vultures).

Brutha has that smooth New York flavor that she savors.  He’s the quiet before the storm, soft touch, warm spoken, radio style after 11pm platinum soothing voice which made The Bean Queen’s edible panties moist before they melted which forced her to soon after snatched dem off and toss them into the corner of her invisible hamper.

Meanwhile, Sweetie has major concerns as a sophomore; worrying about school, her family’s expectations, having to secure a job and her new side hustle which somehow became a minor to her biology major which was being a pimptrest. The latter grew intensely lucrative which later weighed heavily on her mind due to her not being able to get out of her muthphuckin feelings, for Brutha the seasoned taboo without a thug’s tattoo.

Vanilla Bean QueenVanilla Bean Queen 

Brutha, volunteered to be her bottom bitch, worked a corner of his choice and expressed to Vanilla Bean her options as a pimp and added that she didn’t have to go through her hardship alone. He offered to her his hand to hold and his shoulder to lean on should she want to talk, scream, shout, cry or sex text about it. Without a word, she accepted his invitation and instead of FaceTiming each other Beanz flipped the script, revamped the name and called it “FaceTrimin”.  (Stay wit meh)

It doesn’t take much for Sweetie to be stressed out. This is a routine that concerns Brutha because he believes that it can cause serious health issues in the long run. So he took her under his wing and made her a part of the T&T Network. Team Tibbs, because they call him “Mr.”. Brutha whispered into her ear softly, “We doing “Our Thing”, during “Our Time” baby girl, can’t is not an option. We don’t freak out. We find a way to make it happen. We seek out opportunity and grasp it. We always have a plan and we always leave ourselves with options. Therefore, all things are possible because there’s no “I” in the word team. Yes, patience is a virtue but it doesn’t mean that one must stand still and wait for anything to be given to us”.

Brutha then stated his undisclosed plans to hand serve her puddy cat his Destiny Deep Dish with full side wall scrapings and a lunch menu special which will includes his prepared Stuffed Shell Spiritual Sanctuary offering. Vanilla Bean said, “Just don’t hurt meh”. Brutha smiled and replied, “No pain, no gain”, then whispered, “Mo betta makes it more better, baby girl”. Beanz whispered back, “You make it sound sooo good”. 

Vanilla Bean QueenVanilla Bean Queen 

She gives Brutha the impression that she likes it rough due to her style of huffin and fussin despite her mentioning that she likes to have her hair pulled every now and again. She brings a whole new meaning to FaceTriming. Sweetie says the sound of his voice is a pantie dropper and added his New York swag has her climbing the walls. So he talks often and listens to her moans in the background.

A Chicago pimp has to maintain a certain lifestyle. At the flip of a switch this Vanilla Bean Buttacup better known in the streets as The Vanilla Bean Queen will have a naked Brutha standing on the corner shakin and wigglin it to make her money and he betta have her money before the day’s end or else.

“Beanz” don’t play standing in nobodies doorway either. Oh, hell to the nah. A Brutha has to be seen standing under the street lamp, in the middle of the block, rain, sleet or snow. The Bean Queen is a true pimptrest at her best sitting nearby, looking out the window, in front of a fireplace sipping on hot chocolate and eating hot melted butter popcorn with cake batter icing on it while Brutha’s outside freezing his buns off like a good hoe should without medical benefits. He dare not jump out of pocket nor talk any trash or smack in fear of what will be left of his ass if and when Vanilla Bean get done wit him. She jumped on him once before and that was a night he will never forget.


Vanilla Bean Queen   Vanilla Bean Queen 

Even though she lives right across the street Brutha still has to send cash through Western Union. It has something to do about not being seen doing any hand to hand transactions, whatever that means. She about that life so Brutha stays out of her way and so should you, if you know what he means.

Brutha supports her 100%. It’s all about finishing the long mile. He will work his corner until she finishes school. Many students have to work and attend class. The object is to keep the eye on the prize. The long route is always better than no route. Together they are going to see it through even if she has to wobble down the aisle to get her degree placed in hand. The goal is to remain a full-time student at all cost. It will just take a little bit longer should she have to attend college part-time and trust me Beanz is not trying to hear none of that.


When will it be the right time to break the news to the family, before, during or after the wobble or should she keep him in the closet a little bit longer? Oh, how the story or sequence of events thickens. The nervousness of a plan decided on in secret.  The rush of the plot ignites her excitement.  What is she going to do with him?

To be continued…




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…



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