Malaysian Thai Stick: Lil Bit

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When I first laid eyes on Honey Sweet she threw my whole game plan off; my swag was defiantly thrown for a loop.  Nahmean!  I had to collect myself and check my breath to make sure it wasn’t stinkin.  I’ll admit I was shook, no lie word to the mutha, on my left lazy eye.  

imageChocolates From Holland

I’m talkin fine chocolates straight from Holland.  You know I gotta have it. Check this out. Baby girl told me I’d have to use a condom and then let out the sexiest yet warmest laugh but then she turnt around and promised me a daughter. I was like, “Aight! Then I thought to myself, yeah right, SMH, shorty just trippin”. All caught up in the power of love, I found myself daydreaming.

Lit BitMalaysian Thai Stick: Lil Bit

She was dat slant eye cutie pie, phine, Malaysian.  China Sea biscuit, smothered chops, butta hot, soft n warm but far from being Asian. Lord knows baby girl got dem apples. The sound of the top pop from a bottle of a Gerogia Peach Snapple.

Lil Bit

Malaysian Thai Stick: Lil Bit

To believe it, you’d have to see it. Light skinned wit dat white, black, civil rights, red to da bone mixed Spanish-Indian decent, new frontier; the land of the brave, home of the Apache. Much needed, neva conceited, well time spent. Honey Sweet, Southern tongue twistin straight out of Egypt (Heaven sent) from the garden of Eden.

Lil BitMalaysian Thai Stick: Lil Bit

She got’em slump ova, knees bent with his scalp and heart in her hand. Brutha tore up from the floor up, picking up the pieces to his face after her inquisition. No need for a drive by nicca thought of a lick by, sideways just to get to know her a little mo betta.

More betta knows better she aint even after your boyz cheddar, baby has her own.  Full grown, Med student, colleges recruitin with the option to study overseas n shyt.

Lil BitMalaysian Thai Stick: Lil Bit

She had dat slow cooked, Malaysian Thai Stick, family named shorty, “Lil Bit”.  Chinky eyed, Navy Air based spoiled brat tat, tan line, coconut oiled and defined, stayin on a Brutha’s mind. Did i mention she soaks dat body in da tube wit red wine? Money clip, western union sent, wisely and equally invested. Baby Gurl, simply blazin.  Half woman the other half amazing.

Let me bow my head before I say grace.  Heavenly Mother… Front cover face, centerfold body of a Goddest, 100%.  Lil Bit, Big hip, thick type, Sweetie Phi Thai sho nuf tight.  Frame curved honey just right. Err Ting homemade like…

2 phine

Sunshine burst, purple sprite, waxed punany crazy like a tsunami.  No hair on or around dat azz and body. His tongue flow where her wind blow directing his sail on her ship. He goes where ever she follow.  Take me away… (Follow meh)


Heaven is at the foot of Mother

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