Azealia Banks: Real Recognize Reel

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Azealia Banks: Real Talk Passionate Thought. 

Analyze Azealia’s outlook on troubling and disturbing issues such as Industry Politics, Music, Cultural Smudging and a acquired Harlem state of mind, taste. Truly, a Harlem Café treat.

Below is HarlemATL’s take on portions of her interview which barely gives her the credit and the respect to the depth she deserves as a conscious Harlem Queen whom still has room for continued growth.

B Fly

Azealia Banks: More Than Just A Woman

Not because she’s from Harlem but because she stands firm in what she believes.  Azealia Banks, a Washington Heights Harlem native is blessed with an old soul.  Azealia, without a doubt has definitely been here before, in a past life.

What Cha Know Bout B

Azealia Banks: More Than Just A Pretty Face In The Crowd

To erase a people’s contribution to the world by a group of people that theatrically just got here is criminal by itself.  The movie, Exodus: Gods and Kings is an all European cast which in my opinion proves Azealia’s point about cultural smudging.  It’s about making money not sharing facts.  Ancient Egyptians were Black.  Ramses to Moses were all African, meaning they were all of Black decent. Europeans did not exist as a people nor as a nation during this time.

Ms. Banks

Azealia Banks: More Than Just Sexy

 Did you conveniently forget about our Human Rights which comes before anybody’s civil rights? Is prejudice somehow now wrong after 6,000 years of the orchestrator of death?  After entire cultures have been wiped out? Remember who’s still considered colonial property. The removal of our Historical Birth Right by Europeans that never walked the earth when the sun dial was created or had a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out? To Protest? Civil Rights, which is a trap all by itself. To be placed inside of a container like a milk carton or a bottle of water equates to not being able to join hands internationally.  Who does that? Who thinks like that?

Mz. B Real

I Phucks Wit You Sweetie.

The nation that was formed by an Idea by racist.  All Men you say? Most of All Women did not have any rights. If Black People Overstand the definition of the word “Man” then that would mean “The Sleeping Giant” would be awaken and not just roll over in his slumber. You can’t afford The Hulk to be awaken.  If we were considered citizens this would not be a topic for dialog.

Harlem Queen

Azealia Banks: Real Recognizes Reel

 Europeans should rally their people to pay Reparations and pay out for what they  owe we all know that’s not going to happen but at the same time you want us to come together and say that it’s not racial. No sir,  just pay up and then maybe, just maybe we can sit down and talk shop. Until then educate or remind your people on how they stole, killed and raped others that don’t look like them, for what they have now; the privileged sector. Remind them of the power of suggestion and the vicious use of propaganda. Correct the ill and wrong that’s within. Take God out of the bottle, she doesn’t belong there nor does she belong on a shelf.

I am Ms. Banks

Azealia: Keep doing you bae.  You’re like coffee without the cream which is too black and too strong.

Real talk:  I didn’t know anything about her a week ago…


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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