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To Understand & To Overstand

To Understand What Overstand Means

Understand: To play on one’s person under-view. To be under something or someone. To have a low level point of view. To be underground or to stand underground. To stand under; to be below, to be demeaned.

Understanding Veiw

To Understand

When a person is under anything it is difficult to get a whole view of what is actually going on above ground. When you’er under you are at a disadvantage, especially when you stand under someone or anything. In this position you can’t move properly or convey a particular message properly. Children understand.

Overstanding Veiw

To Overstand

Overstand: Is just the opposite. To gain the advantage from a high point or overview. To get up over everything.  A helicopter’s viewpoint; it has a viewpoint of everything. A bird’s eye view. To be God like in vision and in scope.  This is how we should think and speak on a positive level. To acquire full comprehension. Words are powerful and when used effectively they have a way of controlling people. Adults Overstand.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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