Nyja: Beautiful, Calm Flowing River

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Nyja: Beautiful, Calm Flowing River

Her name means, “Beautiful, Calm Flowing River”.  Her parents placed a spiritual conviction upon thee and named her well with deep thought placed behind it.  Her calm voice is all too familiar, god’s whisper steady like a stream.  The calmness of her voice and the stillness of her spirit leaves his face blank; expressionless.

The Nile

Nyja: Beautiful, Calm Flowing River

Like the sunshine over the Nile, her selective words of choice gracefully flow up stream with the current, seemingly without unrest effort only to be described as heavenly.  She shares a wife’s wisdom which is wrapped as a gift with a bow and a Hallmark card, included. Some of his writings has the scent of her name.  Only a small few can recognize the aroma and sense her spark of life.

When he hears her voice he’s instantly at ease, relaxed as if he’s listening to Stephanie Mills sing the song, “Home” in front of a sold out crowd in Madison Square Garden.  Her words are powerful without command or the use of abusive force.  When she speaks, all of his pain and suffering drift away, out to sea, on a makeshift raft to camp nowhere.


Nyja: Beautiful, Calm Flowing River

Who does that? Her talent is clear.  He can’t quite place his finger on it or wrap his head around her magic but it’s more than fulfilling, rewarding would be more like it as he feel complete.  He struggles to emphasize the exceptional and impressive nature of her total embodiment to her fullest extent.  She is the tangible and the visible expression of a forever flowing beautiful idea realized.

He maps out and plans his great escape but he finds himself waiting, hanging and depending on her next wave of words.  He has seen this movie before but can’t remember when, who or where. It puzzles him but it doesn’t frighten him.  He simply, smiles…


Nyja: Beautiful, Calm Flowing River

It was her birthday and he has avoided her for far too long.  When he entered the room her face lights up like a dining room candle in a lantern filling a dark empty room.  Her smile, soft and warm the calm before the storm. Daddy’s finally home. Beautiful through and through, he calls her out of the blue; to live once more and to see if dreams do come true.

Her body is like an Atlantic tidal wave full of abundance of nourishment; forever thirst quenching.  It hurt just to hold her house of cards as his four fingers sink and disappeared around and into her hourglass waist.


Nyja: Beautiful, Calm Flowing River

Ny, is that voice inside, that god whisper his red lip Delta Ju Ju angel.  When he held her in his arms his body soaked into hers and Poppi lost all consciousness of others that were around them.  He hated the fact he had to release her.  As soon as it started the party was ova.

He kept honey close, then pressed his four fingers around her waist feeling the small of her back as her breast said thank you for coming.  Chest to chest, her cheek against his cheek was in its right place.  A perfect reunion that took everything inside of him to not squeeze and hold her tight just a little bit longer.

Nyja Calm

Nyja: Beautiful, Calm Flowing River

The plantation calls. The animals at the cubical farm need to be fed.  He reluctantly pulls away to face and head back to his reality.  She gave unto him something to ponder but it was good that he showed his face.  He avoided her for far too long.  It was a blast from the past just to see her face.  Her name is Nyja, it means “Beautiful, Calm Flowing River”.  Her parents properly named their daughter. They put an enormous amount of  thought behind and into it.

Thanking you in advance, for that whisper.  As you already know some people call me Mister.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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