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Love Him Unconditionally

 No good man should be left alone.

Ladies, walk with me if you will.  Should you ever experience a good man remember these words.

The Path

Love Him Unconditionally

“You will show me the path of life”

It is not good for “this” man to be alone; the man that is in the presence of the Creator, who is working, who cultivates you, protect you and teaches you the word. When you meet “this” man love him unconditionally.

the last path

Love Him Unconditionally

If you meet a “male” that lacks his presence, he’s not working, he doesn’t cultivate you, he can’t protect you and he can’t teach you the Creator’s word, it is good for that man to be alone.




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

R.I.P. Dr. Myles Munroe – Thank you for your service.

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