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Behind The Imagination: Her Sacred Seat

All acts of life begin with the imagination. 

 ImaginationThe Author of Her Universe.

Thoughts manifested into words which created a particular character, place and thing. Its actions became a habit or a way of life which unfolded onto itself and ultimately became it’s destiny.


No Words Can Explain It’s Greatness.

mother of life

Behind The Imagination: Her Sacred  Seat

Behold our Creator’s work of art; the ancient seat of humanity, the Mother of all mothers, the weaver of life.

The gates of heaven are at her feet. Her sacred seat is sought after and desired by every race she has given birth to. She is mystifying and hypostatizes the entire world like no other.

She’s simply the honey on the blade, the root of the tree that bears the fruit of the world.

She is Eden; the spot on earth, the open gate of heaven; the garden of life; the environment, the atmosphere of the presence of God herself, forever creating; guaranteeing life, creating our Creator’s will. She is the sign, the symbol and the signal. She, is the Createtrix.


Watch your thoughts, they become words.

Watch your words, they become actions.

Watch your actions, they become habits.

Watch your character, it become your destiny.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother… 

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