The Dumb Shit Men Do

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Beauty is a beast all by itself but a good woman, an educated woman is the type of woman that make a man storm the beach or die trying.

Dumb ShitThe Dumb Shit Men Do


Ah yeah, you already know who I be, constantly doin me, sliding through your hood on that dumb shit fo all to see. You know I stay true doin what I do, sniffing on that glue. So what’s the topic? A good woman and the dumb shit men do? I can’t speak on what other men are doing but I can shed a little light on where I’m coming from and the men that think and move alike. You feel me? I’m not even trying to sugar coat it either but I can’t phuck with a good woman. I had one or two of those before. The bottom line is she’s too strong, too deep and too independent for me. Right now, you must got me phucked up. I’m just trying to get my head right and I’m defiantly in my own time of need.

So no Ma’am, I’ll never do it again. I wouldn’t wish that kind of torture on my worst enemy. I don’t want to audition. I’ve already starred and co-starred in that feature in real life. I was even given tickets, to a play on Broadway, in the pass, as a child to view that dumb shit. One time, I had balcony seats. I even stood on the sideline with my bum ass Pops and witnessed that shit as bystanders, for years. I’ve come to the realization that I don’t what much in life and I don’t want no part in playing the star role ever again. It was a horrific time in my life which burned a image on my brain that will last for two lifetimes.

People come into your life for three reasons, to add, to subtract and to divide. You know me Ma. Let me holla at you. First, let me introduce myself to you so that everything is out in the open. I’m that dude that can sip water through a straw without spilling one single drop. Do you see these lips? Soup coolers, babe.  I’m that nicca that does dumb shit everyday and all day. I lie with a straight face and it comes natural cause the light bulb in my head hasn’t come on just yet to be a smarter and better man. In the meantime, I’m like phuck it, lets see what can pop off with me and you. The roles have changed and the shyt is reversed. Women are the bread winners now.  Some women are taking care of men and I’m trying to get mine. I’m worst than that transparent, hood nicca holding a pack of black & mild, dread head wit no job that stands on the corner holding his jewels.

I’m that soon to be college grad. You know me boo. I’m that lawyer or doctor that wears a suit. I dress grown and sexy. I’m educated, cunning, charming, attractive and I’m smooth with mine. So here I am. Momma told you to marry up. Date the doctors and get with the lawyers. A lawyer is a trained, professional liar. Do you not think we don’t know how to lie and get around and inside your panties? It’s my job to master manipulate the facts and the truth.

You know me right?  I just finished med school and I got my license to practice. How do you know, as a doctor I’m not a slut and running through the entire hospital? How do you know that I’m not sleeping with other doctors, nurses and practitioners? Yeah, you’re attracted to me but so are a thousand other chicks. What makes you so special to acquire and maintain my love? You didn’t think I would ask you that shyt, huh? You didn’t stop to think that all of this may just be a façade?

I’m that social worker in the field trained to do the same thing.  I’m skilled and posses a particular temperament spotting your bullshyt and identifying your simple ass a mile away. You think you know me? You think I’m not capable of playing you and do you in? Don’t let the suit and tie fool you. Think again cause I’m not your friend. In fact, I don’t give a phuck about you. I ain’t shyt but you still gonna phuck with me, right? Cause of the possibilities.

Dumb ShitThe Dumb Shit Men Do

I don’t want a good woman, I want you. I need a piece of shyt of a woman so she can take care of me as I feed her more of my bullshit I.V. fluids style. Get that vein ready, baby. You know what I want. A chick I can impress so I can have that Klingon mind control over her. A chick that doesn’t have her shyt together makes me look extremely good, something like a king. Now bow down and give me twenty love and don’t come up until I instruct you to do so. I prey on dumb chicks like you. I’ve been watching you for some time now. I was just waiting to see the perfect time to roll up on you.

I’ll temporarily give you some good dyck every now and again. I’ll slide you ova to the crib and let you check things out for yourself just to close the deal, solidify, liquidate your assets and place that pucci on escrow. I’ll make you feel important and special on that night. Gas you afterwards, feel you up and build you to a point you feel good about yourself and our situation, lay that good dyck on you and drop your ass off in the morning on somebody’s corner watching your stock fall in the rear view mirror, losing sight of your ass in da smoke as I peal off.  And as you hit the curb kickin rocks in your open toe sandals feeling chafe, all phucked up and confused wondering what had just happened and what went wrong, I’m coastin on the expressway, on the phone with the next vic, smelling my fingers of your existence. It is what it is, love.

I need a low self-esteem chick, one with no character. I can get into her head and make her believe that I’m the best thing going. I need a simple woman with no idea of how wonderful she can be. A woman that doesn’t even know her own potential, I need to phuck with that for a couple of years and phuck her over. By the time she finally realize her self-worth and she’s sick and tired of what I’m doing to her it will be too late.  By that time I’ve created a new woman, a bitter and angry woman because I just sucked her dry and used her.

Now somebody else has to wear a hard hat and do my patch work. Some other Brutha has to come in and rehabilitate, restructure, rebuild, resuscitate and stabilize the shell, the empty lot I’ve abandoned and that takes a team of real men to carry out, someone which I’m not.  Now let that stew then marinate in your head for a little while.

Dumb ShitThe Dumb Shit Men Do

A good woman when she steps out of the house she’s not half naked. She looks sharpe in her suit and nice in her jeans, her hair is done and her heels are extremely tuff. She walks with class and displays the essences of a woman. When she speaks I can tell she’s educated and knows how to form her words correctly. Who does that? I’m not going to step to a woman like that cause she just might tell me that I actually have to be something in life in order to be with her when all I want right now is this blunt and a 40oz (Hiccup). I’m not prepared to deal with that kind of woman.

A good woman, she’s not going to let me sit on the couch and smoke in the house, drink with my crew, do what we do and play video games all day. She expects too much from me. I’m getting sick just thinking about it. If a strong ass woman was a drink, I’ll pass and vow to never drink again. In fact, I’ll bust a hole in a bartender’s candy ass just because. A good woman would want me to invest into a business. WTF! I don’t know shyt about anybodies business and I don’t want to know shyt about running a business but my own personal business but the thought of having my own business cards is kinda sexy, though. I could run with that.  In fact, I was hoping she could help my bum ass out and straighten up my credit and help me pay my bills. You know take care of me cause she got it going on with the good job and stuff. She’s the one with the good credit. I’m struggling. I need her to co-sign this car for me right quick. I’m hoping she can take care of my shyt cause I don’t have enough sense to do it on my own. Boo, you got me right?

Who wants a strong woman in their corner? I don’t even know the Brutha that does. A good woman is like Black coffee; too Black, too strong which will keep me up all night. I gotta add some cream in my coffee to weaken it so I can sleep most of the day. Plus, a good woman, a phuckin good woman, man she’ll be asking way too many questions and who got time for that dumb shit? Not da kid.

I’m broke and the chick ova there that’s running the same game is broke too. She got three other nicca’s paying her car note. All on the strength of one day they might get a chance to smash. Yeah, we be on that dumb shit but so are you when you fall for our shit. I love simple bitches that lust over shyt they can’t have.

Why, because you lust for the benefits you think you’re going to get. You lust for the potential. Let’s take a look at what you people see. He/she is nicely groomed. Nice outfits. Hair done and nails did… You fell for the wrong things babe, the car and the shoes the cologne the perfume that’s what blinded you. You’re so blinded you couldn’t see what’s in your own hand and who is actually standing in front of you. You assume I’m that guy that’s for you, why, cause I drive a Benz from time to time? You think just because the woman ova there owns her own hair salon, you think because she sits behind that IRS desk everyday she’s a good woman when in reality she ain’t shyt. We are called high class trash and by the way that’s my baby sistah. She works for the government.

Self improvement is a standard. My advice to you is to beware of becoming the lonely and anxious. Naturally good people always try to improve themselves. Reading the expression on your face I guess you expected some ole bean pie knowledge shit.  Nope, I’m just keeping it 100. So what’s the deal, love?  You got me, right?

Wait a sec…  Hold da phone.  Some women do the same dumb shit too.



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…






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