What is Your Why?

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Nothing great is achieved until you step outside your comfort zone.

 It was a painful and shameful experience being a four time loser.  Her unsettling gesture of disapproval.  The needless suffering of children…  Another fatherless household.

 think about it

Years ago, while living in New York and thinking I was a man when in reality I was functioning like a little boy,  everything I ever cared about was taken away from me.  Over and over running into the same wall became too redundant.  I found myself smothered and couldn’t breath. It wasn’t my asthma that kept me from breathing properly, it was my overall poor choices I’ve made which held me back from moving forward, ultimately preventing me from being the man that I should’ve been. I escaped the streets of Harlem, with my tail between my legs, licking my wounds, fleeing to Atlanta, alone without a job, family or friends.

There’s a lot of people that’s not successful in life not because they don’t have talent, not because they don’t have skills. It’s because our character isn’t correct.   If one is not careful our talent will take us places our character can not maintain.  So, what’s your motive?  What motivates you?  Know when we figure that out we have to own the rights to our motives.

What is your why?  What’s keeping us from getting up early?  What is your assignment? Why do we do what we do?  On the real, it’s no enough.  Talk to me, beloved.  What moves you?  We have doctors with horrible bedside manners.  We have lawyers that are skilled but arrogant.  What drives you?  Many of us have to change our mindset.  Even in our actions, while our actions are good we still have to ask yourselves what drive it? What guides it? What’s the spirit behind it? What’s the reason, the purpose behind it?


When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe…  When you don’t have nothing left in your tank, you have to think about the people, in your life, you are doing this for.  If you can think about them then you can go that extra mile.  You can go to work one more day.  When you are doing it for someone else knowing if you don’t grind, we don’t eat.  It’s not going to come to you.  You have to go to it.  It’s not going to get easier along the way.

There’s no time for rest.  The truth is we have to find something within and that has to push us and drive us which elevates us.  It’s all about, when you find out what our why is and your why is deeper than you.  When you find your why you don’t hit the snooze button.  When you find your why you seize the moment and make it happen.

When you get to the point when enough is enough…  When you get to the point where it hurts, so bad… When you get to that point doors start opening. (I can’t explain it).  Opportunity start happening.

What you can not do is quit during the process.  You can not give up because it’s not what you see. You simply can’t give up. That’s the difference between the greats. Champions keep going when they  don’t have anything in their tank.  That’s what separates them, when they don’t have anymore to give.

When it’s over…  When we are tired and frustrated…  When we have spent our last dime. When you’re ready to give up. That’s when we’ve just started.

It’s when you have nothing left.  When all your energy is gone.  When you want this thing as bad as you want to breathe. That my friend is called “Show Time”.  You gotta want it bad enough because it’s not going to come to you. You have to go to it and take it. Take what belongs to you.




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…



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